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X-Files returning to Fox with 6 Episodes


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On 25/01/2016 at 4:26 PM, ChuckNORRIS4Cup said:
3 hours ago, DonLever said:

X-files had a huge night last night ratings wise.  If keeps it up I am sure they will make more episodes.

Smoking Man is back.  Looks like he had throat cancer since he now smoke cigarettes through a hole in his throat.

Even though the episode was shot in Vancouver you could not tell it was Vancouver.  Typical for TV shows and movies.

BTW, the old man in the first part of the show is Rance Howard, father of Ron Howard.  Still alive and acting at age 87.

The ufo crash site was filmed just by ashcroft.. totally can tell it was the thompson river and the valleys and desert of the area lol kind of funny growing up in the area and seeing it on TV 

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It was a good episode. But I wonder how they're going to tie it all together with only 4 episodes left, while being able to tell some other independent stories.

Also saw a bit of that Lucifer show that Fox, and by extension CTV, wanted to follow up the X-Files ratings lead in with. Lord, that was awful. 20 minutes of that was 20 minutes too many.

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17 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Am I the only one confused as hell at what's going on plot wise?

No.  I think Chris Carter lost control of his story years ago and is making it up as he goes along.  Still and all, it's good to see Mulder and Scully again and I'm looking forward to the stand-alone monster episodes.

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The 2nd one was much better then the first, the first was to get new people a little up to date with the X-Files. Probably why they had it back to back, so at least you aren't waiting for a week for something ex X-File fans would of found a little boring. But I read yesterday that episode 3 is supposed to be the deal breaker, and they said if you can make it to episode 3 you won't be disappointed. Sounds promising, so next week should be a good one!



X-Files ratings remain huge for second episode

Monday’s second episode delivered startlingly large numbers too: 9.7 million viewers – and this is the really impressive part – a 3.2 rating among adults 18–49. That’s from airing 8 p.m. last night, so there was no lead-in (unlike Sunday’s debut which had a run-up with the big NFC championship game). In fact, in its new regular time slot X-Files crushed CBS’ Supergirl (1.8 rating) and ABC’s The Bachelor (2.3 rating), and was the highest-rated broadcast program of the night. 

X-Files creator Chris Carter previously expressed confidence that Fox would order more episodes beyond this six-hour revival run if the ratings were strong. Fox likely wants to see how the remaining episodes perform, but this is a terrific start on a network that’s struggled all season to find a breakout fresh title. In fact, the X-Files’ second episode back just performed better than any of Fox’s new series debuts this season (for instance, it’s nearly double the premiere of the heavily buzzed Scream Queens). Meanwhile Lucifer just tied the premiere of Rosewood, which was paired with Empire



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