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Empty Net Offence and Radim Vrbata


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I'll take empty net goals any-day. The last thing I want to see is a Canuck get injured from blocking a shot because we couldn't score on an empty net The last few years I swear the Canucks would purposefully do their best not to score empty net goals just to have more in-game defense practice. That's how I saw it anyway. This year much different and looking much better.

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3 years ago when he was 30 he had 20 goals last season and 12 in the shortened season which would put him on pace for 28 this season he's back up to a pace of 34 so yeah it seems like he was on a downward trend because he's aging so him doing this good is better than expected

Need I put on how defensive Phoenix plays and not only that how to they've been getting worse each year since they made it to the western finals. It was pretty obvious barring an injury he was going to put up around 25 goals this season.

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