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Postmedia Network Canada buys 173 Sun Media Publications


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The Competition Bureau has decided not to challenge Postmedia Network Canada Corp.’s proposed acquisition of 173 English-language Sun Media publications, paving the way for the creation of Canada’s largest digital news and information source.

In a release Wednesday, the independent law enforcement agency said it concluded the sale is unlikely to substantially lessen competition. It’s a decision that shows how much the media has changed – despite the fact Postmedia and the Sun currently own competing daily newspapers in major Canadian cities like Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton, their fiercest competition for digital advertising dollars has become foreign-owned companies like Google Inc.

In a memo, Postmedia chief executive Paul Godfrey said he plans to complete the transaction in the next few weeks. “Postmedia will then be the strongest newspaper chain in Canada – a newsmedia organization with brands across four platforms ready to take on all-comers,” he said.

Postmedia announced plans to buy the Sun Media newspapers from Quebecor Inc. for $316 million in October. When the proposed acquisition was announced, there were 175 Sun Media brands involved, but one community newspaper has since closed and two publications in Fort McMurray consolidated, Mr. Godfrey said.

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People just use the internet for news now. We are tired of the left wing/right wing slanted "mainstream" news

I'm not really sure if people can tell the difference. The way that words are constructed can be subtly disceptive during an attempt to sway opinions.

It's scary how corporations like SunMedia are putting in hundreds of millions into what they print out. They are paying for the power.

Money is power.

Words are power.

This purchase should make them very happy.

Those stupid bureaus are complicit, just as long as they have a job.

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