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Who do you want in the first round - LA or Calgary?



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According to NHL.com, the 2nd and 3rd teams in each division play each other in the first round. With 9 games left to go, Vancouver is 9 points behind Anaheim and 4 points ahead of both Calgary and LA.

So, it seems very likely that either LA or Calgary will be our first round opponents. So my question to you is, who do you want to see Vancouver face?

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LA, so we can give this core one last chance to prove themselves and start selling in the off-season. Time to rebuild for the future, bye bye Higgins, Hansen, etc. Team like LA will expose this team and show the issues this team has and a team like Calgary will probaly be a long series and will be close games, but will not expose anything. I want this team exposed so Benning can make the right moves. Eg that 2011 team was exposed by Boston. So, the quicker this team gets shown what they are; the quicker Benning can fix it.

When I talk about expose I mean guys like

Mathias, Richardson, Hansen, Higgins, Bieksa, Weber, Sbisa, I want to see what these guys can do against a team like LA in a 7 game series.

To be the best you gotta beat the best.

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I'm split on this one. Calgary is likely the easier "out", but people have been counting them "out" all year and they are still around. LA likely is more difficult series, but wouldn't be nice to knock out the defending Cup champions?!

IMHO, I think it would mean more to us to play...and beat...the Kings

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