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Who do you want in the first round - LA or Calgary?



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If we have learned anything from the history of the Canucks (for those who suffer from short term and long term amnesia), it's that having a personal preference regarding what team we want to face in the playoffs is foolhardy.

Both teams can beat the Canucks... and in turn the Canucks can beat them. Each opponent poses their own set of challenges.

We all know Vancouver's penchant for dropping games to inferior teams and with the Canucks virtually splitting the season series so far with the Flames, I wouldn't be so eager to play them. They also have gritty guys and a couple of young wildcards who might pose a threat.

As for LA, they're big, strong and mean. And they have Jonathan Quick, who is a proven playoff performer. We don't tend to stack up well against the Kings.

Regardless, we need to be ready for whoever we face. If we start cheering for a specific team to play us in the first round, it could come around to bite us in the a$$, as it has many, many times before if you've been a fan as long as I have.

As well, just remember - aside from Bo Horvat (our unsung hero), our prowess in the faceoff circle is precisely nil. I'd be afraid of both of these teams, since they will get the puck off draws more often than not, and could pose an equal threat - unless we want to give Bo 1st line ice time, which, considering his play this year with Hansen and Kenins, may not be such a bad idea. At least we'd have the puck in the offensive zone more often than not.

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Personally I would like to play Chicago but that would mean the Canucks would need to be a wild card team. So of the two choices I would take Calgary. Mainly because of how good Quick is in the playoffs. He raises his game to a whole new level in the post season. He's also a big baby and I cant stand the sight of his face.

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I think the sweetest thing ever would be to watch the LA kings cry from not making the playoffs!!! Also, No way that teams stays together after missing the playoffs.

That being said if there was a team to beat that would propel us to the finals it would be LA

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Lets bring back the Flames-Canucks rivalry. I miss those games from the early-mid 2000's. Also having the Kings on the outside looking in would be the icing on top. No Doughty or Brown whining about diving while they do it themselves....boy wouldn't that be a treat?

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*Has flashback to game 7 1994*


Man I was at that game, absolutely my favourite moment watching hockey.

I want to see Calgary for two reasons. 1. It means LA probably is on the outside of the playoffs looking in and 2.

Same here, would love to see some canucks play live in playoff hockey again. Calgary is a fun city in playoffs.

Add to the fact that every time the teams face each other in the first round, the winning team goes on to the finals

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Round 1: VAN beats CGY

Round 2: VAN beats ANA

Round 3: VAN beats CHI

Round 4: VAN beats NYR (94 rematch) or BOS if they make it into the postseason

What a crazy run that would be.

If that scenario were to truly play out we would be considered the miracle team of all time, since we'd be fielding a half-AHL team by the final game. We'd probably have Sanguinetti and Biega as our top pairing and John Garrett in net.

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LA, so we can give this core one last chance to prove themselves and start selling in the off-season. Time to rebuild for the future, bye bye Higgins, Hansen, etc. Team like LA will expose this team and show the issues this team has and a team like Calgary will probaly be a long series and will be close games, but will not expose anything. I want this team exposed so Benning can make the right moves. Eg that 2011 team was exposed by Boston. So, the quicker this team gets shown what they are; the quicker Benning can fix it.

When I talk about expose I mean guys like

Mathias, Richardson, Hansen, Higgins, Bieksa, Weber, Sbisa, I want to see what these guys can do against a team like LA in a 7 game series.

To be the best you gotta beat the best.

So you're saying, you want to trade away our tired, old core in the off season. Okay, that's fine, except you'd rather them be shown to the rest of the league as non-playoff performers and "be exposed" as such? How does that add worth to said players and help the team more via trade? Simple logic man, try it some time.
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