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Samuelsson Retires

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Translated with google translate.

Mikael Samuelsson ends

Published: 2015-03-26 09:07

There will not be another season in Djurgarden for Mikael Samuelsson. The 38-year old forward opting instead to end up with hockey.

Samuelsson debuted in Södertälje A-team already in 1995-1996. Subsequently, he has represented clubs San Jose, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Florida, Vancouver and Detroit. Among the highlights we find a world championship gold, Olympic gold and the Stanley Cup championships with Detroit.

Before this season turned Mikael Samuelsson back to Sweden. There were a total of 37 core selection matches and 26 points (13 goals and 13 assists) for the right took the striker.

It has been difficult to make the decision?

- Yes and no. I felt during the season that it was leaning more towards it. My injury came more and more and my training at the end was basically just rehab training. When you train for survival instead of getting better, and then it's tough to hold.

Djurgården's vice president KG Stoppel about Mikael Samuelsson's decision:

- It was just a season in Djurgarden for Mikey. Given his experience, it was incredibly important for us to have him at the club this season. Despite his injury problems he contributed both routine and points. We fully understand his decision and I hope that one day we may share his knowledge and experience as a leader in the future.

Below you can listen to an exclusive interview with Samuelsson where he talks about his career and his decision to play hockey.

He's been battling this injury for years. As it becomes harder and harder to face the grind of a season while dealing with injuries, it was finally time for him to call it quits.


Memorable moments:

Opening up a can of whoop-ass on LA in that one series.

Telling team Sweden to f themselves after an olympic snub.



Most known for being a Red Wing, winning a cup with them, but perhaps... Forever a Canuck.


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Most known for being a Red Wing, winning a cup with them, but perhaps... Forever a Canuck.

He was in Vancouver for 2 1/2 seasons then was traded along with Sturm for Booth, a scrub, and a third rounder.

I'm gonna go with, if you ask him if he's forever a Canuck, he'll look at you funny before giving the politically correct answer of, "Umm, yeah, sure. I feel that way for each team I played for".

Now Messier on the other hand..... Forever a Canuck! :bigblush:

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Had the great pleasure of watching a game with a couple of his friends who were visiting from Sweden. They'd been following him from day one and shared some good stories.

I agree about similar player to Vrbata/patience. Wish him the very best moving on, enjoyed cheering for him as a Canuck.

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