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[PTO] Canucks Sign Joseph Labate to PTO

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question...and I know im spitballing here but....any way to get these guys(Hutton, Labate, soon McNally and Subban) playing in Kalamazoo?

Atleast gets these guys playing

they'd have to be released from their Comets PTO and signed to a k-wings PTO. and honestly, i'd rather have them around a winning top ranked comets team that's poised for a very serious calder cup run vs playing for a k-wings team that's just trying to scrape their way into a ECHL playoff spot. much more to learn from the comets and much better habits to take on.

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Man I just don't have the patience for the draft analysts anymore every year is more and more over hyped. It's like baseball you have guys who are 4-5 years away at earliest and then once in a while one or two surprise and are NHL ready way faster than expected it's a real crap shoot drafting guys before they are college age.

18-23 that age range lot of stuff can derail development in that time frame.

At least in the NFL when guys get drafted in the first 3 rounds they are expected to be solid contributors in some form right away at the very least and have a tangible impact.

Same goes for NBA only 2 rounds and draft is still not very deep and over hyped after first 15 or so picks talent usually drops off a cliff with some rare exceptions.

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Has he played for the Comets yet?

Not yet. Having clinched their division, the only thing they are playing for now is 1st in conference which is in reaching distance. I'd still expect him to get into a game before the playoffs start though.
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