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[Mafia] West Coast- East Coast Rivalry (Game over- Mafia win)


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In. Sorry for the ineptitude as vig. Though it helps to know things were already tilted against us to start with, lol.

Lawl, things weren't tilted at all.

That's no excuse for hitting only TP, and not getting in contact with otherwise.

If you hit just one mafia and got in contact so three people didn't kill Dazzle, the mafia would be complaining right now.

TP even had a judge

Cmon guys

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Me too. I'm in.

Congratulations to Dazzle in what I think is his first game suffered the greatest nightfall I have ever seen. First time I've seen someone die three times in one night. With a fresh vasectomy none the less.

I had an orgasm three times. My wife shooting me gave me my last one. I love it.

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