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[Mafia] West Coast- East Coast Rivalry (Game over- Mafia win)


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So I had a dream during a nap where I was in a IRL (though I suppose really IMD) Mafia game on a floating community of log huts in the South Pacific. And it was really dramatic and $&!# because it was so real and I went around trying to secure opinions to get somebody killed when I found in somebody's abandoned hut kitty litter all over the floor so I jumped on my pet dolphin and dashed to this other dude's hut and I told him I knew he was the luchador (I guess like a Vigilante) and he needed to kill the guy whose hut I was just at when at that moment the guy was walking down the log avenue and I started screaming "HE'S THE CAT HE'S THE &^@#IN CAT" and the dude morphed into &^@#in Puss n Boots or whatever and charged us and then I woke up.

So I guess it's a sign I have to play the next game.

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