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PATHETIC refereeing in preds game!


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When will it stop? Diving by preds all night and the refs both falling for it and making pathetic calls. Have we not paid for 'our sins' yet. Someone has to make a challenge to the NHL. Sure some penalties are real but this season has been more blatant then most. I have watched and loved hockey for over 40 years and loved many teams through the years but what the refs and NHL DO TO THE Canucks is mind blowing

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Let's go through the Burrows hit shall we?

1. Does Gaustad have the puck? No. - Interference

2. Was it shoulder to shoulder contact? No - Hit to the head

3. Did Burrows intentionally make contact? Yes - He clearly saw Gaustad coming and leaned into a hit hoping to catch him off guard.

Main point here, Burrows DID NOT have to make that hit. The fact that it was head contact and Guastad was injured on the play kind of sealed the deal there. Anyone arguing that is a munchkin.

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