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Drew Miller takes a skate to the face [Graphic-ish]

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Man, can't there be penalties for not keeping your skates lower to the ground? I mean, you have to be responsible for high sticks.

His leg was scooped up by the Red Wing centre not like he had much choice where is leg ended up, complete freak accident.

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My God, he was lucky in that it really could have done some serious damage (beyond what it did). Hate to see any player seriously hurt so I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Agreed! And besides he's like extended family to us! Could have been a lot worse! Get well soon Drew

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Very lucky there's no damage to his eye!

That's gonna be and awesome scar though!

I remember when Sullivan took one in the throat. Drew is very lucky to have not been hurt worse. Complete freak accident. Glad he's not hurt worse, but he will have one hell of a scar!

I thought Sullivan got it on the chin or cheek? Anyway, I remember when Clint Malarchuk took a skate to the throat. That was honestly one of the scariest injuries in hockey I have ever witnessed...

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