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[Proposal] New League/Ref Rules

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Not sure if this is the right place to put it but it is a proposal and I feel like I need a place to rant.

These probably won't happen or will take years to actually get done but I would love to hear your opinions.

1. Coaches Challenge

As discussed much before. I think that the NHL should implement a coaches challenge, much the same to that in football. A failed challenge would cost you your timeout and a successful challenge would cost you nothing. In my opinion if your challenge is successful you should be able to challenge again and again until you use your timeout or get one wrong. Everything would be reviewable with a coaches challenge, a play where a goal was offside, a wrong icing call (face off at center and permitted to change), even a misconduct. This would IMO lead to less errors made in the moment.

2. Ref Explanations/Hearing Toronto

Like in rugby, I think that when going up to Toronto, for a challenge or a goal review views and coaches should be able to hear the conversation had between the Ref's and Toronto. This would be great for viewers because they would get a better perspective on the calls and would work for the coaches to get a better explanation.

3. All Goal scenarios Reviewable

If a goal should be a good or bad goal but is called differently on the ice it should be reviewable. It's quite frustrating seeing something called on the ice that is clearly wrong but not being able to change it because it "is not reviewable" complete BS if you ask me.

Anyways those are my 3 ideas for new Reffing rules. The first 2 were taken from contact sports that IMO do a much better job of reffing games than hockey.

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I don't like any of your suggestions.

Hearing the discussions in a review doesn't add anything for me.

I personally like the human element of officiating. Sometimes mistakes happen.

I see what you mean but at this level mistakes can lead to games lost which could result in missing the playoffs or losing a series which is hundreds of thousands of dollars lost revenue to the team. It's also really frustrating to watch ref's make mistakes that cost your team

Personally I find that hearing the review conversation is a benefit when I watch rugby but to each his own.

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