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Burrows not suspended for hit on Gaustad :Team 1040


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I'd say they fall in the agitator category, but most certainly not the 'rat' category of which Marchand is a poster boy.

I guess I think of them as energy guys rather than agitators. I can totally understand why some/most/everybodybutme would put those two in the same category.

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I'm not quite old enough to be a Neanderthal...close, but not quite. I have watched hockey a long time though and have seen the increase in cheap-shots and assaults coincide with more and more rules and "discipline", along with the instigator rule. Maybe you should ask the players how they feel about it. How guys like Gretzky survived while Crosby is constantly assaulted and beat on under this new wonderful hockey style of yours.

Maybe you would should try ringette or ice-dancing, they would appear to be better suited to your tastes.

What? Go and ask the best like Gretzky, Crosby, and others how much they enjoyed playing by IIHF rules vs the mysterious ever-changing standards that comes along during the NHL play-offs? The NHL's traditional king-pins are struggling more and more to justify keeping 'violence' in the game. Their efforts to remove retributions have never been serious.... when their standards waffle or supplimental discipline fails to be justly or fairly-applied, even with the technology available.

If the rulings on the ice are not just in-game,..goons should not be given the excuse to take over. I'm sorry. In the NHL, I believe this is oft-times the main plan or design, tho. Anyone else find it totally farcical and/or ironic how Bieska gets tossed from a game - for using non-violent or threatening words like,.. "Are you faking or hurt?" ..when another ref lets Duncan Keith stay in a game, after he lept to assault a player in the face with his elbow as his victim's eyes were skyward on a puck, in a blatant act of retribution after uttering threats to do so? Seems like this 'culture' in NHL hockey of on-ice 'retributions' is being implicitly condoned for game-time drama and entertainment purposes...but - yikes, better ban 'questioning words' too please!!!! What's the 'real' or more serious weapon that harms a player or the game long-term anyways? Free speech is under attack in the NHL, both on and off the ice...but NOT life-threatening violence or forms of vengeful retribution, apparently. Are you kiddin' me?!!

The IIHF has more signifigant teeth in their suspensions/penalties for deliberate or reckless acts of violence causing injury or for even threatening to injure one's competitor. The IIHF also vets their officials properly, so that the stink of bias doesn't fly or linger long. Divers have also been put on notice. On the other-hand,..the NHL's DPS remains a carefully seeded-group by the power-mongers, who's teams are all in big US markets or who have traditional leanings. The DPS' rulings remain shockingly slanted and inconsistant. The NHL even seems to vet their officials FOR their 'desired' biases,..often flying in their culprits to do dubious repeat-work of 'past' wrongs...all in the name of so-called 'experience'. That's standard operating procedure in the NHL. It appears as if a select number of the NHL's most-senior officials are cuing-up for post-career appointments with the league, by collaborating to game-manage for the desired results to heightened rivalries abd drama in certain marketplaces.

If all of the 'best players' came to North America, less-talented or goonier players might still be playing in 'beer-leagues' where they belong,..or be changing their out-moded mentalities and 'evolving'...like the rest of us. You can stay on your island hanging-tight with Burkie and Jacobs, until their arses are eventually sued into submission. A professional hockey career should be a far more beautiful thing...that doesn't have to end in a nightmare. The best solution should NOT be to rob great or good players of their careers, incomes, mental-health or fitness and glory - too soon,.. like Roman gladiators tossed to a mob's blood-lust like yours.

FYI - I watch ice-dancing and ringette sometimes, but I don't expect to see these unique disciplines appearin' in an NHL game. But - if you really need to get your fix observing fighting or acts of violent-revenge, there's always sports like boxing, and MMA....or why not just surf the net, watch the news, or hang-out in some seedy-bar...all far cheaper sources for your favorite brand of entertainment, I'm sure.

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We are going to win this year. Just watch.

The facts are all right in front of us. There are A LOT of them.

1.100 year anniversary since Vancouver won the SC.

2. PQ has been with us all year. Very great man to dedicate this great season to.

3. 100% of the time. The winner of the "1st round" between the Flames and Canucks, went on to the SCF.

4. Linden is back!




In 2011 this core lost the SCF due to lack of depth. There were so many injuries in was impressive they went 7 games. Their depth was bad and the Bruins took advantage of us. Benning also saw this and IMMEDIATELY fixed it coming into the season. Another reason we lost was because we didnt play that well on the road, 0-3 in SCF, getting blown out each of the 3. That is not a problem this year. To me its a bigger advantage to play better away from home than it is to play better at home. Our home play is going to be great in the playoffs. Especially with the playoff atmosphere. Atleast we know we can win on the road.

After that 2011 SCF loss this team was wore out. The next 3 years is all the proof you need. Although they did win a PT the following year, they had a melt down in the playoffs and never bounced back. Most of that has to do with controversy with the goalies, frustration on just missing the SC (Kesler), it was just a very tense next couple years and they were EXPECTED to be champions. Then tortorella comes in and just plays the crap out of our top players. Now most times when coaches do this teams fade in the late season/early playoffs, NOT JANUARY!!!. he literally played them so much they couldnt play desperate hockey when it counted. U could feel the negative vibe in the locker room. Nobody was happy or having fun, it kind of felt like torture in a way. Going from AV to Tortz must be tough lol.

This team is better than our 2011 team. I honestly believe that

Our core is rested and hungry... NOT STALE!!!

We are a 4 line team.

We have depth to replace injured player if needed.

How can you not BELIEVE????

2015 CHAMPIONS :towel:


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