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I'm pretty sure this link was posted in another thread.

Also, I didn't think that the writer was overly harsh towards the Canucks.

Edit: found it.


Edit 2: that being said, this probably should have it's own thread. It still amazes me how Vancouver was painted as the "Bad Guy" in that series and was never really embraced as Canada's Team (outside of Vancouver that is).

I wonder if the prevailing attitude towards the team has changed that much since then.

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We may not like it, but unfortunately what Burrows and Bieksa did last game will be perceived as dirty.

The question is whether or not the Canucks are a special case in this regard, and the answer is clearly no.

Just look at Buff's guillotine effort on JT Miller last night. Hard to believe that he doesn't have a so-called 'history' with this type of action, but now that he's a Jet as opposed to a Hawk, I kinda expect him to get some games.

As for whatever some enemy blogger has to say about this team, aw who gives a frack?

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