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[Proposal] Wacky Idea #2 - Internat'l Summer Tournament

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So, this came up in my other Wacky Idea thread about a Superleague: how about a tournament with teams from the NHL, KHL, SHL, and Liiga?

While it would be interesting to have a Champions League, what if it was the teams who lost the Conference Finals? A single knockout tournament with the two CF losers from each league. A second chance at a championship, so it would still be competitive.

If we take the CF losers from last year, the tournament would have consisted of the Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Ufa, Yaroslavl, Linkopings HC, Vaxjo Lakers, SaiPa, and Lukko.

As 75% of the teams are European, it would be played in on international ice with international rules, with one team from each league on different sides of the table.

It would start at the same time or just after the SCF, and run for two, maybe three weeks in June.

As far as a marketing standpoint for the NHL goes, it could be an opportune time to try out ads on the jerseys.

Do you guys think it could fly? Any thoughts to improve it?

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