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Yoshi's Wooly World


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I thought there was already a thread on this, but i guess not. Anyway, this game is so cute it may kill off the entire western hemisphere.


and it has it's own yarn amiibos:


I'm seriously going to die, right after i preorder the game and the amiibo's...

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I dont know about profits but Nintendos stock has been on a tear since the new year going from 11.88 in late January to 20.84 today. Thats pretty insane. over 80% increase in 3 months.

yup, it's been great for those of us who actually own stock in them. I bought low because i knew eventually it will go up, but it's doing way better than i thought it would. i told my dad to buy, but he likes to stick with medical stocks. as soon as they announced they were partnering with DeNA and entering the mobile market it shot up like a teenager seeing his first boob.

Edit: it's at 21.49 now, up 65 cents already. sweet.

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