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[Hit] Brandon Bollig drills Barret Jackman 'head first' into the glass. Suspension due?


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As you can see, Barret Jackman was cut above the right eye. Bollig also came in with excessive force.

Definitely suspension worth. Ugly.

EDIT: Glass, not boards for those that care about these little mistakes. ;)


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Omg that was brutal. 7-8 games in my opinion ( if he has no priors )

While I agree that's a brutal hit, and something around 6-8 games would be spot on, if we know the NHL, and we do, his suspension won't go longer than the end of the season. No way they suspend him for round 1. Same as Byfuglien.

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I actually didn't think that looked all that bad.

5 and a game was appropriate. I could see maybe a game or 2 as well.

Comparing that to what Buff did (which he got 4 games for) and I don't think that's looks like much of anything.

If it was Hansen making that hit I doubt many people would be calling for 8 games. Hell we'd probably find a way to blame it on the other guy. ;)

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Guest Dasein

Good on Bortuzzo for stepping in right away.. you want guys like that on your team

However next time they play, he is expected to hear from Barrett Jackman.

Yeah Jackman is one tough. ass. customer

I remember back in the days when he and Bertuzzi used to go at it, and Jackman wouldn't back down even though he's smaller. One of the toughest guys in the league, and you can see it as he goes off - he's bleeding and he doesn't even look like he's in pain - just very angry at whoever made the hit

I'm sure he'll take the number down and take justice to his own hands next time they face each other

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