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[Report] Sam Bennett recalled by CGY

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Doesn't make sense to me. I don't see why they wouldn't send him to Adirondak for a little bit first.

He didn't exaclty have an impressive playoffs for Kingston.

CGY recalled Bennett to NHL club because Flames have used their 4 call-ups from AHL. If he'd been put in ADK, would've been locked there...

...until ADK's season over. Putting him with NHL club gives them more flexibility.
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Calgary sees your Virtanen, and raises you a Jankowski.

Jay Feaster: "He called me and said don't trade the pick, I've just seen the player who ten years from now will be known as the best player from this draft"

(Scout that called feaster watched Janko playing at the high school level against players years younger than him.)


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Lol. Flames trying to top the Canucks by calling up Bennett. A pre-emptive strike to try and make fans forget about Baertschi perhaps?

Almost seems like pre emptive damage control....The fact that both moves happened simultaneously seems really odd..?

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This is exactly what Calgary did to Baertschi. They called Baertschi up near the last 5 games of the season and unexpectedly ripped it up in the goal department. And then he's been set unreasonable expectations which gave him more pressure and flopped.

Hmm... what if;

3 years later, we can trade another 2nd round pick to Calgary for Bennett this time! Because he'd take the exact route as Baertschi and hopefully he'll have enough value to equal a 2nd rounder!


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