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Rob Ford appointed to Hockey Hall of Fame’s board of directors

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Yes that Rob Ford. :picard::picard::picard::picard::picard:

Toronto City Councillor Rob Ford has been appointed to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum’s board of directors.

Museum spokesman Kelly Masse says that Ford was elected to the board for the first time at a member’s meeting on March 25.

Masse says Ford won’t be on the committee that selects inductees to the Hall of Fame.

Councillors Mark Grimes and Stephen Holyday were also elected to the board during the meeting.

Ford said in an interview on Saturday that he has a lot of experience in the hockey world and wanted to help promote the sport to children.

Ford also said he played hockey when he was younger and that he would do anything he could to support the game throughout Canada.

“When people call me they know they’re getting someone that’s experienced,” he said. “I’ve got season tickets to the Leafs and I’m obsessed with hockey and obviously football but hockey’s my number one sport and I’m going to try to just keep pushing it.”

Ford said he had already had his first meeting with the board and is in the process of being sworn in along with his fellow councillors.



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What an absolute joke. Nothing says hockey like a drunken crackhead politician.

I would think that for sobriety's sake, he'd lay low and focus on self for awhile. The limelight is not what this character needs. Let the games begin.

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Everybody should know that the City of Toronto has the ability to appoint 3 members to the HHOF Board of Directors and it goes over the head of the rest of the Committee.

Basically The City Of Toronto is treating the HHOF like a joke.

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The dude is obviously being in very small role. Probably just to sit and listen. It says in the article he's not on the committee that elects hall of famers, so going straight to bitching about it is kind of funny.

Have you seen how he sits and listens? Usually, by storming and knocking people over.

And it's about his current and recent history, which sort of tarnishes things a bit. Why go there? Aren't there a number of others who could fit the bill and know how to behave in public?

Now if you'd appointed him commissioner of the WWE, sure. I could accept that. Women's Olympic figure skating judge - ok, that'd work. Leafs' mascot, uh huh. But hockey is sacred to some of us.

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