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(Video) 2015 Vancouver Canucks playoff Pump-up


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"We've been through hell together. We spent Four years. FOUR YEARS! Fighting that virus and fighting each other it was chaos. But you all know what we're up against. And i want you to know, it's not just about power. it's about giving us the hope to rebuild. And reclaim the world we lost"

I know it's still kind of early because we haven't clinched a spot yet. But please check out this video i made. I Make videos for the Canucks on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to subscribe. And let me know what you think :)


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Very nice work!

There could have been a little more tribute-time paid to Pat Quinn (reminding us all of PQ's love for this team,.. and how he's now rubbing shoulders with the hockey-gods).

The 100 yr. anniversary thing... could also mean another year to watch - carefully. Sometimes it's all about destiny,.. and a little extra puck luck. We're due. ARI wont be spoiling Verbata's hopes for the post season...but that'll be irrelevant when our 'Nucks toss the Kings and all of their 'Devorski-hugging game-management gifts' into a big over-flowing dumpster.

Yahhhh, you know I believe! Go Canucks Go!

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