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Thursday is going to be an awesome day to watch hockey.

First of all the Canucks are playing

Secondly if Calgary wins and Winnipeg wins, we clinch a 1st round series with the Flames.

So stoked!

Edit: Plus LA would officially be out B)

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CANUCKS BABY!!! I know the Kings played back to back but why the hell would you start Jones over Quick?

They probably wanted to get Quick fresh for the game against the Flames. He faced nearly 40 shots the night before and they were playing against the second worst team in the conference who they recently beat 8-2.

All in all, I think LA's mentality has deviated too far from the current focus, current game. Talking about 2nd place in pacific etc and starting the backup for this game are the evidences. The most commonly stated hockey phrase is "one game at a time." There is a reason why people say that.

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