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The Kings sit Quick in the most important game of the season

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I know you have won 2 Stanley Cups as a Head Coach, but could somebody please tell me how Daryl Sutter could possibly have sat Jonathan Quick???

I love Martin Jones (North Vancouver boy), but seriously? What are the ramifications of resting Quick besides missing the playoffs with this decision by the coaching staff? Players like Jeff Carter are already pissed that Mike Richards was sent to the minors. With the sitting of Quick, could there be a mutiny in the near future? Especially if they miss the playoffs.

I'm not an Oilers fan, but talk about a slap in the face that the Kings thought it was an easy 2 points and played their backup. Way to go Oilers!!!!

Thanks from the Canucks, Jets, and Flames.


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I'm not too surprised by the decision to start Jones. The Kings probably figured they'd steamroll the Oilers again, hahaha, it backfired and now they're on the brink.


Honestly, the Kings expected Martin Jones to play better than that. In today's NHL, you need backups that can step up and win games (example: E.Lack)

The Kings were gifted a freebie at centre ice by Bachman, who also looked quite shaky at times. This was LA's game to lose and they didn't work hard enough to get it to OT.

I will say that Drew Doughty was impressive tonight, and it's obvious to me why LA has two Cups in three seasons when they have a defenseman like Doughty in their lineup. He's the best defenseman in the league IMO. If I had first pick for a Stanley Cup dream team draft, he's the first person I would take. He's nothing short of absolutely amazing.

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Not very surprised. They probably just under estimated the Oilers. And if you watched the game, it wasn't really Jones' fault. The Oilers actually played decent. Maybe Darryl Sutter believes Thursday's game is the most important game of the season. While he's pretty confident about his team, he decides to give Quick a break after back to back. Though the results were not as good as the whole team expected.

Credit to the Oilers. Go Canucks Go :towel:

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Quick played in a long, late game the night before, so it makes sense to go with the fresh goalie that has done well against the Oilers in the past. This also ensures a fresh Quick for an even more important game against the Flames.

You play the percentages and sometimes you lose, but it wasn't an illogical decision. If there was a day break between the two games, or they were playing a team they needed to beat, Quick would've been in net.

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