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Van's Path To Glory (All Cdn final-4)


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Very unlikely, yet mathematically possible...

NYR *** Ana

Mtl **** StL

TBay *** Nash

Wash *** Chi

NYI *** Van

Ott *** Cal

Det **** Minn

Bos *** Winn

Would require BOTH #8 seeds upsetting the #1's. Ensuring Ott & Winn could make it to the 3rd round, by defeating US teams in the 2nd rd. Would have to be 5 Central & Atlantic teams making the PO-cut. Both Pitt & LA crashing out.

Then we beat Winnipeg in rd#3. Ottawa upsets Mtl, over in the east.

To honour the Millionaires' 100th, we take out Ottawa for all the marbles.

Bettman would have a bird if 4 Cdn teams were in the Conf finals! So unlikely..but one can dream this at the 80-game mark...

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My understanding is that if a crossover wildcard plays the other division in the first round, they stick in there for the second. So technically a team can win a different division, which is weird, but anyway for a final CA four to happen, Ottawa would actually need to join the Metropolitan, and Winnipeg would need to jump up into the top 3 of the Central (which isn't going to happen).

(as always, I might be wrong)

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If Bos beat NYR, Mtl at #2 seed would get them next. So after beating TBay(#2 vs #3 seed), Ott would get the winner of NYI/Wash.

Thus, Mtl COULD meet Ott in rd #3.

Van & Winn could follow a similar path in the west.

The key point is 5 teams making it from one division(both conferences, very unlikely), eliminating balanced div championships in the 2nd round.

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You know there divisional rounds in playoffs now right? We're guaranteed to play either Calgary or LA, there's no way of a final 4 with just Canadian teams. Anaheim plays Winnipeg, we play Calgary. St. Louis plays Minnesota and Nashville plays chicago in the opening round If they started today

If say us Winnipeg Minnesota and Chicago win we'd play Winnipeg because of the wild card cross over and Chicago Minnesota. It's mathematically impossible for Winnipeg to jump into the top 3 of their division So this would be the only route

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^Why would Boston do that? They are an Atlantic entry.

There would be 3 Atlantic teams remaining(in the above scenario), & 1 Metro team.(winner of Wash/NYI). Thus, Mtl as #2 seed would earn the lower ranked rival, Boston. Ottawa would draw the higher ranked winner of Wash/NYI.

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Umm...as I understand it, this is how it works:

1st in the Conference faces the 2nd Wildcard.

The winner of the other division faces the 1st Wildcard.

The second and third of each division face. Therefore, if Ottawa comes in eighth and NYR stay in first in the east, Ottawa would face NYR and then face the winner of second and third in the Metropolitan division.

Also, if the Blues are able to overtake the Ducks, they would face Winnipeg while the Ducks would face the Wild. Then Winnipeg would have to face the winner of second and third in the Central division.

Don't quote me on it...did they have to bring in a new system?

Edit: Okay, so I'm right. Here is what nhl.com says.

"In the First Round, the division winner with the best record in each conference will be matched against the wild-card team with the lesser record; the wild card team with the better record will play the other division winner.

The teams finishing second and third in each division will meet in the First Round within the bracket headed by their respective division winners. First-round winners within each bracket play one another in the Second Round to determine the four participants in the Conference Finals."

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now let me see if that can still happen


For this to happen, Ottawa needs to beat Boston for 2nd Wild Card in the East,

(there are actually several scenarios that could put Ottawa ahead of Boston or Pittsburg )


Winnipeg pass Minnesota for 1st Wild Card

( Winnipeg needs 3 points from Colorado and Calgary, while Minnesota loses to Nashville and StL)

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