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AV - Coach of the Year

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It's hard to go against Bob Hartley in my opinion.

Did a hell of a job with a lack luster roster full of rookies and injury prone forwards.

He got the most he could out of that roster and got them to play way above anybody expectations.

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It shouldn't even be up for discussion. I hate Hartley but he's the runaway winner.

NYR was supposed to succeed on paper.

Vancouver was supposed to succeed.

Flames... Should have ended in the cellar yet they're battling without their captain.

Hartley should win it... In a land slide.

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AV deserves recognition for one of the great coaches in the league. It was a mistake letting him go, even though I am pleased with WD.

I don't think so.

AV will soon have a record that shows something about his coaching abilities. 3 Presidents Trophies and 0 Stanley Cups :sadno:

AV just does not know how to coach Stanley Cup playoff style defense. He is an excellent offensive coach but not the coach to get you the big SC !

It was painful going from AV to Torts, but now with WD we finally have a coach that truly understands what it takes to get it done in the playoffs. Even if we don't have the team to get it done this year I think everyone will soon realize that WD knows hockey. Playoff Hockey !

I said in 2011 and ill say it now AVs playoff hockey will never win a Stanley Cup, ever!

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Not to mention that AV was solely responsible for starting the whole goalie controversy in the first place. That alone is worth a freakin trophy for being the biggest "Dumb Ass of the Year" award.

There are a lot of holes in AVs game come every April.

The only reason we went to the finals in 2011 was because our team was stacked beyond belief. Almost any other coach would have a SC ring on his hand with the team we had that year.

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