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Shutting down Gaudreau-Monahan-Hudler


How to shut down Calgary's big line?  

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Should of had LA, they are ready for the picking. The young Flames will be hard to beat, and you guys will know just how annoying their fan base really is. Remember this one thing, if we lose to the Flames you will regret not playing LA Kings. It seems many of you have forgot 2004, heck I was there and I can't ever forget how annoying the Flames fan base really is.

This is the reason I didn't want to play them because of their annoying fan base. Just hope we don't lose.

Game 1 doesn't start till a week from now and there's already excuses lol.
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I assume we are talking about At Home where we get to decide….In that case I start the other way around and look at who we want to match up OUR lines against theirs on the defensive side. How we utilize our offensive zone draws matters the most IMO.

I think we want the Sedins out against the Mason Raymond - Mikael Backlund - Joe Colborne or the Brandon Bollig - Markus Granlund - Josh Jooris lines the most with the Higgins-Bonino-Vrbata line doing the mop up there. With those match-ups we should be able to drive the attack on them and carry possession.

That leaves us using the Horvat line in offensive zone draws against their top line and we can match up our 4th line against theirs in any zone. If they want to tire out their top line on D zone starts because they think they can outmatch the Horvat line then we should let them do that. We can control the balance of the play from the rest of the match-ups in our own zone with Sedins taking their 3rd line.

Defensively, when the Monahan line is in our zone I would use the Vrbata line because it can control the puck on the breakout the best and push the play back into their zone. I would use the Horvat line almost exclusively against their 2nd line in the D zone.

Obviously, adding Kassian and Ritchie to the mix would change that substantially.

Where we need to be most 'worried' is on the road when they get to decide match-ups…. we will need to skate with them from every line. If they try and cherry pick the Sedin line then Burr is going to have to do a lot of the heavy skating.

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Hit them every chance you get. Gaudreau is small, I'm sure a lot of our guys will have 10-20kgs on him. It reminds me of our last playoff series against Chicago. We hit Kane so much in that series (particularly the first 3 games) that you could see it was affecting his game. I was really impressed. Kane was hesitant and unable to affect the outcome of the game. Put some fear into them, have them looking over their shoulders and they'll be off their games.

Also, respect them. Don't underestimate them.

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Flames have a very potent line in Gaudreau-Monahan-Hudler, total of 86 goals from this one line alone.

If anything Flames offence is weighted heavily on this line, if it can be shut down, they will not do well.

The question is, who does WD match up against these guys?

Do we go strength to strength, and match the Sedins against them?

Or does the coach go with a more defensive matchup?

Personally I am thinking the Bonino line could be the best choice... all of Higgins/Bonino/Vrbata are excellent defensively and in the backcheck.

That would leave the Sedins matched up against one of the secondary Calgary lines.


Although this line is far and away our top line, if you look at our goal breakdown among lines I think its one of the most evenly spread among all NHL teams, we have loads of secondary scoring right down to the fourth line, I believe the Flames are afterall 5th or 6th in goals for this year. Shutting down one line won't neutralize Flames scoring, lucky though is that Vancouver have 2 good checking lines and also have alot of secondary scoring.

I think the key to limiting Calgary's chances for Vancouver would be to try to neutralize our defense, Brodie, Russel and Wideman are a huge reason the forward group are scoring in bunches this year, theyve been providing amazing d zone exits and outlet passes, that would be the true key to keeping the Flames at bay.

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Wait till you guys hear their silly commentators and arena guys. Calgary goal scored by ----- woooooo hooooooo with some stupid red light flashing on the screen.

If the Canucks' are down by game 4 in the series, you guys will be annoyed and realize how annoying this team and Flame fan-base really is.

Unlikely they're any more annoying than they find our fan base. Kind of the way it works with Canadian teams.

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Bonino line, they are very good against teams top lines and tough matchups. All three of them are seasoned veterans who play a 200ft game and don't panic. Edler and Tanev will see a lot of the Monahan line..Edler is playing some of his best hockey in 2-3 years, looks big fast and physical and can eat up big minutes. Bonino's line is very good in the neutral zone at turning over pucks and could frustrate young guys like Monahan and the wee one.

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