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Predictions for playoff heroes?


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Every year a couple of players manage to elevate their games dramatically for the playoffs and push the team to success

Who do folks think will fill that role this year (if any).

My votes will be Sbisa and Bieksa. I don't think Sbisa is a great defenceman, and certainly don't think he is worth the contract he got BUT....

I think he is the type of player that is built more for the playoffs. Add Bieksa to the mix in a 3rd pairing role where he can afford to play his nasty type of game (I think he has been hamstrung in recent years as a top 4 guy with no reliable 3rd pairing behind him... he hasn't been able to play on the edge and risk sitting in the penalty box).

I think those two guys will be given the mission to wear down opposing forwards, which is vitally important over a 7 game series. We have been the victims of it in the past and seen our top guys wilt after a few games of relentless pressure.

In the forward group it is harder to say, I think the same guys who have been delivering will continue to deliver at about the same rate.

If Kassian ends up being healthy and ready to go, I think he has a chance to really step it up. The energy and meaningful games may get him to that higher level we have seen glimpses of.

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Hansen and Burrows.

Nothing against the new guys but you can feel the fire surging through those two when they hit the ice and the name Canuck resonates through them. I predict they'll score the winner in the only two OT games that happen. Game 2, and Game 5.

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The Baer.

This^^^^, in the first round. Sven is going to be the Flames-killer. Burkie is going to rue the day he created a monster in Sven. Flames fans will burn down the Saddledome and Burkie and the Flames ownership will finally get the city of Calgary to give them the land to build their new hockey arena/football stadium.

In the second round, Bonino is going to stick to the Ducks as Kesler watches from the stands with his arm in a sling due to a separated shoulder while sitting in a wheelchair from another torn hip labrum from the punishment he's going to take from Lowry, Ladd, and Big Buffalo in R1.

In the third round, Burrows is going to re-create the magic of 2011 R1-G7-OT on 4 separate occasions, as the Canucks face the 'hawks in the Conference Finals. Burrows will be the dragon that the 'hawks will be trying to unsuccessfully slay.

In the SCF, it's going to be an entire team effort...with Eddie stealing Lundquist's crown. Canucks and Rangers fans will be hailing the new king...King Eddie.

All kidding aside, if the Canucks make it to the second round, it will have been a wildly successful season.

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