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Question about the new playoff format


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It's more of a true bracket now, no re-seeding.

The winner of the Canucks vs Calgary will play against the winner of Anaheim vs a wild card team. If Anaheim beats Arizona tonight, they will be the top seed in the West and will get the lower wildcard team, which is Winnipeg. If Anaheim loses, they play Minny and St.Louis would get Winnipeg.

The winner of that series plays whomever does the same in the Central Division. The winner of that series gets to play for the Stanley Cup.

It will make way more sense once tonight's games are done and they post the brackets.

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Round 1 - Division Semi Final

Round 2 - Division Final

Round 3 - Conference Final

Round 4 - Stanley Cup Final

Sort of. You could get a Pacific team playing a Central team in the first round IE, Anaheim playing the Jets. So it's not technically Division rounds like the old days.

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I don't like this format. It makes the regular season even less rewarding. St. Louis is going to get first in the west, but they'll have to face Nashville or Chicago in the second round (if they get through). So it's the first seed being forced to play either the 3rd or 4th seed. That's ridiculous. I think they should re-seed the second round.

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