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Sven Baertschi deserves a shot against Calgary!

G. Reaper

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I agree Calgary gave up on him and he has a lot of potential

Would love to see him in game 1 I think today was a really good statement game for him today sometimes a fresh start is what a player really needs and I think if he got some playoffs experience it will give him the confidence he needs.

This year is also about playoff development so if we can be competitive and developing players good things will happen for this team.

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Baertschi looked good with Bonino and Vrbata. I would give it a try for a game or two and see how it goes.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Baertschi - Bonino - Vrbata

Higgins - Richardson - Kassian

Dorsett - Horvat - Hansen

I like that lineup for game 1.

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Disagreed, you cant mess up a team chemistry over 1 good game against the Oilers'. If Higgin's line play bad in the first game than yes, otherwise nope because Higgins brings a defensive aspect that will be needed.

Heh, for once I agree with you. Goals against the Oilers count...but yeah, it's still the Oilers.

But if a spark is needed, this combo would be one of the first to try.

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Game 7 (Hope it doesn't get that far, but whatever) Horvat with a beauty pass to Baertschi. Baertschi snipes it and Rogers Arena explodes.

Flames fans cry all summer on internet forums across the land

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Just cause he had a two goal game doesn't mean keepin' him up there, plus Higgy has played so well with Vrbata and Bonino. Rather see





Move Kassian around if need be, Matthias and Vey should sit, Matthias can not perform against Western Conference teams, wont use his size. Good depth though.

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Baertschi has impressed... this was a bigtime game for him, comparable to Kenins first couple.

He has top line goal scoring skills, this kid is the real deal, a huge steal by Benning.

At the same time, there is no way he should come in and replace Higgins.

I would like to see him in the lineup, but down on the 3rd or 4th line.

I would put him in as a replacement for Vey, especially if Richardson is back.

I also like him in place of Kassian... he is just as much an offensive threat, but I think he is better defensively.

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I'm going to disagree. I love the trade to acquire him, but a couple goals in a pre-season type game isn't enough to get him in the playoff lineup over more established players. Not yet anyway.

Higgins is more effective as 3rd liner anyways. May as well put talent on the second line.

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