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Bring Back "Holiday" for the Playoffs


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Even if you don't like Green Day, you have to admit that this goal song was one of the best in the NHL when we had it.

Even fans from other teams admitted they liked that better than their own team's. (I heard it at a few games I went to when I sat near some non-Canucks fans.)

"They should have brought back "Holiday". The crowd is so dull when they score."

Actual paraphrased quote.


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I agree.

However, I won't lose a minute of sleep if they don't.

Yeah, well I'm not overly demanding of it. It'd be nice but I don't mind the current U2 one since I like U2 anyways. LOL.

Anything is better than our current one.

I liked Electric Worry because it pissed other teams off because it was in your face.

Eh I wish they could switch songs after four goals scored or something. They did that last year; Holiday was played for every fifth goal.

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Ugh, Holiday is a terrible goal song. Nothing to do with anything even remotely to do with sports, happiness, celebration. It's meaningless when the team scores.

I love the U2. It's a song about happiness and revelation and the line 'the most beautiful sound I ever heard' fits great with the goal horn and of course, the crowd.

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I have heard this New DJ play Raise A Little Hell several times at games. Wouldn't it be fitting to have a Vancouver band like Trooper as our goal song?

Or failing that There's some pretty good Lines you could use as a goal song in things like

"Take me To the Kaptin"


both by another Vancouver band PRiSM

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What was the goal song in '94? Might aswell just bring that back to since lindens at the helm..

Wasn't it Gary Glitter? I know Vancouver is one of the many places that won't touch his music after it was discovered he was a kiddy fiddler.

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Raise a little hell has been played a lot in the past usually after big game tying goals, it usually gets me hyped. Me and my bud were re watching some games from the 2011 run and holiday is a joy to hear for sure. I did like electric worry, but I think the 2003 ole ole one with the sirens was probably my favourite!

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