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If Phoenix get McDavid...

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I'll know Bettman rigged the NHL draft lottery if Phoenix get McDavid. The NHL still eat a big chunk of Phoenix' financial losses. The ... #%*&#% ... Bettman refuses to admit his mistake in bringing hockey to Phoenix. This has fix written all over it.

In contrast, if Edmonton or TO win the 1st overall pick I'll know for sure there is no fixing of the NHL draft.

With that said, a Canadian team hasn't won the cup since Bettman joined the NHL. This isn't coincidence, it's fixing of matches via referees. Someone calculated the odds that a Canadian team would have won the cup in the last 20 years based on regular season records, and the probability was like 98%.

Bettman is a corrupt commissioner determined to grow the NHL in the USA at all costs, and Phoenix will win the 1st overall pick. I'm not afraid to be wrong, which is why I'm posting this now.

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Arizona wins = rigged

Toronto wins = rigged

La wins = rigged

Buffalo wins = embarrassing

Really the nhl can't win lol.

As much as I hate the Leafs, I mean they have to get him no? The Canadian teams routinely get screwed by Bettman. I wouldn't want Mcdavid in Edmonton, so yeah let Toronto have him.

They'll still mess it up lol

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McDavid to Arizona is actually quite similar to Crosby to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was awful for several years, Lemieux ended up owning the team because he was owed a lot of money that the team wasn't able to pay. They were a threat to be sold and relocated. Crosby magically ends up in Pittsburgh, and the franchise is saved.

Arizona is terrible, a threat to be relocated, sold several times in the last few years. They NEED a player like McDavid to stay in the desert. I would not be surprised one bit if the NHL rigged the lottery to allow Arizona to win it.

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If Leafs get Mcdavid its totally rigged.

1. MLSE is a Billionaire company. For the first time in many years fans are calling out the leafs organization, by throwing jerseys and actually placing its displeasure in MLSE

2. Shanny was involved in the NHL offices.

3. It's on CBC. Hello?

4. If Mcdavid goes to Toronto, MLSE has saved themselves and found a new way to make more money. (EG they paid bettman and will profit big time)

So Leafs getting Mcdavid eqauls rigging.

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