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Ottawa Senators fan harassed at Habs game

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A-holes everywhere you go.


Katie Kerrick was excited to head to the Bell Centre to catch the Montreal Canadiens versus the Ottawa Senators in the second game of the 2015 NHL playoffs.

She had secured a pair of resale tickets for the April 17 game for her and her 23-year-old sister, Annie, who drove up from New Hampshire just for the game.

Originally from Ottawa, the young women decided to don their Senators jerseys.

Kerrick, 19, says she's accustomed to the verbal harassment thrown at her whenever she wears a Sens shirt in Montreal.

"There were a lot of comments made but that didn't really bother us," she said.

But it did bother her when a man at least 10 years her senior hit her and her sister with his towel, threw beer on them and called them derogatory names.

She said the assailant was sitting a couple of seats over from her in the same row. When she and her sister got up after the third period to hit the bathrooms, he followed her out while hitting her in the back of the head with his game towel, Kerrick recalled.

"I thought it was an accident at first but then it kept happening, so I knew it was on purpose," she said.

She told him it wasn't funny and asked him to stop.

"And he said, 'F--king whore' and continued to do it," said Kerrick.

She said she told an attendant about the incident almost immediately. As they were speaking, the man "went out of his way to nudge me, and then his friend also did the same," Kerrick said.

No help from security

Within a few minutes, another older man wound up his towel and hit her sister in the leg while the two women walked to the bathroom.

They told a second attendant who told her, "So what do you want me to do, give them a mean look?"

The two women gave up trying to stop the harassment, and returned to their seats for the overtime period.

The Habs scored the winning goal a few minutes into overtime.

The first man from her row who had previously hit her with the towel decided to rub it in.

"His first action of celebration was to lean over his two friends, who also leaned back so he could do this, and throw his beer onto us and it was a pretty full can. I was pretty soaked and so was my sister," Kerrick said.

Kerrick said plenty of people witnessed the incidents but no one came to her and her sister's defence.

But Kerrick received some great news when the Senators learned of the harassment.

CBC Ottawa@CBCOttawa

A 19-year-old #Sens fan says she was harassed to tears at Game 2 in #Montreal: http://cbc.sh/wEccDtS #ottnews #Habs pic.twitter.com/6pxDSgod7b

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators @Senators

@cbcottawa #Sens fans, we have her back. She'll be Mr. Melnyk's guest in one of our private suites for Game 3! #WeLoveOurFans

3:40 PM - 18 Apr 2015

No longer a Habs fan

As the crowd slowly moved out of the Bell Centre after the game, the two sisters tried to high-tail it out of there.

The women were met with jeers and more vulgar comments from passersby.

Kerrick, who also used to cheer for the Habs when they weren't playing the Senators, says the experience has tainted her love for le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.

Alerted to the incident on Twitter, the Montreal Canadiens organization apologized.

Gregory Charbs @Charbsy

@BonksMullet check out my friend who was at the bell centre tonight pic.twitter.com/fqVfGf2bOG

Canadiens Montréal @CanadiensMTL

@BonksMullet @Charbsy We're sorry to read about this.That's awful. Please tell your friend to contact us: http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=53005 ^ER

9:05 PM - 17 Apr 2015

"I used to like the Canadiens but I can't honestly say that anymore," Kerrick said.

"I love all hockey. But now, especially the Sens."

The Montreal Canadiens told CBC News late Saturday afternoon that it is in touch with Kerrick and is looking into the situation.

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It sounds so ridiculous that I wouldn't even be surprised if it was all bs. Attendants aren't going to ignore a fan hitting someone in the head with a towel right in front of them. Also, when has someone ever done something like that with hundreds of people watching and no one said anything?

I'd find it a lot more believable if it was just the guy made a bunch of inappropriate comments and she's just trying to get him kicked out for any more games.

At the same time there are always some assholes in every arena, so maybe it did happen exactly like that.

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It's situations like this that makes Sens fans happy when a bugged-eye walrus (Paul MacLean) comments on Player 61 (Raphael Diaz) of the Habs sending a suicide pass up the middle to Player 81(Lars Eller) of the Habs resulting in Player 81 being knocked out senseless by Eric Gryba of the Ottawa Senators.

In all seriousness, what's become of some hockey fans in every market? This type of animosity towards opposing fans used to be left to the Euro-trash soccer hooligans.

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Sounds like typical habs fans to me.

One of, if not THE MOST stuck up, cocky, hypocritical fanbases in the league. I live here and it's quite ridiculous come playoff time. You pretty much have a target on your back any time you wear an opposing team's jersey at the Bell center.

They're honestly no better than Bruins fans.

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Habs fans have always been some of the most horrible fans to me, or I have a habit of only finding the bad ones, I live with one and he's just as arrogant and stuck up about them towards every team as you can get. Good on the teams for reaching out and making it better for the girls a bit.

Sadly, it will never change in montreal as long as they're top of the world in terms of cup wins and people thinking they're entitled to superiority just because the game was born there.

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I recall an incident were a Canuck fan was walking on a street, a car pulled up to that fan, and he was badly beat up because he was wearing a Canuck jersey. This was during the 2004 series.

Their are A holes everywhere most of them are girls that get harassed.

Yea it's really too bad but there's drunk idiots everywhere. Wasn't it the wild series in 2003 that a Minnesota fan got stabbed outside of gm place?

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LOL at people saying typical habs fans and calling them arrogant.

It happens everywhere. I went to game 1 of the 2011 SCF and witnessed 2 canucks fans throw a bruins fan to the ground outside the arena and start chucking fists at the guys head when he was dowm

Its pathetic. But it happens everywhere.

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The worst thing you can do is act like this in representing your team...it's ridiculous. To spew something directly AT someone in a personal way makes it bullying. None of us should support that.

Embrace other teams' fans as hockey lovers...have fun ribbing them and make it memorable, NOT a nightmare. If it crosses over into hostility, you've lost the point of watching. Go buy some skate and join a team so you can take it out on the ice some place. Sure, there are heated rivalries and even exchanges, but if you start assaulting people you've gone too far.

There are obnoxious opponents and, with this, it's a common sense thing of being aware of your surroundings. If you go into another building and start taunting fans like an asshat, well, expect that they won't respond well. Lay low, have fun and keep it IN fun. Bring your street smarts in with you.

If these girls were up/down in your face they may have upset people (I've seen opposing fans be absolute knobs...stand up, focus more on the fans around them that they're trying to stir the pot with than anything)...but NEVER is it ok to assault someone. Which a hit with a towel or dump of a beer is.

Everyone has a right to show their pride and cheer their team on. And we are all ambassadors of the game and should bring a sense of pride, not embarrassment, to the rink.

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