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Hate on Brian Burke all u want...that team plays with "truculence"

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i do agree the flames seem to play with edge where the canucks. don't. The difference is the canucks are a puck possession team where as the flames arean't ... if the canucks don't have the puck then they aren't working hard enough.. which was apparent in tonights game...


Puck possession team?

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Impossible to have anything but mixed emotions where Burkie is concerned.

Defended his players aggressively when he was here.

Saw the value in making it happen that this franchise got both Sedins.

Had difficulty securing a goaltender.

Went to the easy to dislike Leafs and continued to be himself - and thankfully made his biggest mistake there.

Never liked him lobbying for tax breaks for competitive, professional hockey franchises - thought that was too laced with self interest and contradiction.

Good for him for standing up for his son.

Went to Calgary, and he's still the master of crust, only now he takes it to another level with the addition of that hairdo.

But hey always a Canuck.

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Sutter drafted Ferland, Brodie

Feaster drafted Gaudreau, Baertchi, Monahan, signed Hudler, signed Ramo and brought in Hartley

Treliving drafted Bennett, signed Hiller, traded Baetrchi and extended Hartley

Burke's hired Treliving and lost Cammalerri for nothing

Correct me if I'm wrong..I don't think Burke's done much other than fire Feaster and restore the teams rep after Feaster drafted Jankowski and almost lost 3 first rounders to the Avalanche

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'Hate on Brian Burke all u want...that team plays with "truculence"'

So does every team that plays us in the playoffs. Did you not notice that nearly every team plays us with anger and hate in their blood? Maybe give your boner a rest there nickels555...

This. It's called playoff hockey...all teams play with truculence. Neither the Canucks nor the Flames are known as tough teams, but I see a lot of tough, physical play from both sides. The difference is the flames are applying it in the right areas, on the forecheck, and using their speed to create turnovers and beat us to loose pucks.

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