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Alex Burrows Suspended for Game 4 Pending NHL Review (Vancouver, Calgary, and NHL Media Reaction Included)


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Elliotte Friedman

Elliotte Friedman Verified account ‏@FriedgeHNIC

Burrows instigator in last five minutes means a one-game suspension, but as we've already seen in this series -- they can be rescinded.

9:49 PM - 19 Apr 2015



So, based on the rules, Burrows is suspended for Game 4, unless the league rescinds his instigator penalty.

#Flames #Canucks

11:17 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Farhan Lalji

Farhan Lalji Verified account ‏@FarhanLaljiTSN

@botchford A-It was a clear instigator, B-doesnt appear theyre going to rescind it (re Engelland), C-its Burrows. #canucks should be worried


Jason Botchford

@FarhanLaljiTSN Russell approaches burrows after a penalized hit. This will not meet criteria of instigator

10:47 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Brad Ziemer

Brad Ziemer ‏@BradZiemer

Burrows figures to miss Game 4 after getting instigator for his fight with Russell at 18:35 of third. Unless the NHL rescinds it, of course.

10:25 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Farhan Lalji

Farhan Lalji Verified account ‏@FarhanLaljiTSN

So if Burrows gets suspended for the instigator does Baertschi draw in for game 4 against his former team? #canucks #flames


Eric Francis

Eric Francis ‏@EricFrancis

As I said, Burrows will be suspended. Instigator obvious.

9:47 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Eric Francis

Eric Francis ‏@EricFrancis

I'll say it again. Burrows will be suspended for Game 4. No question. NHL can't do anything about it. Instigated in last 5 mins.

10:40 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Jason Botchford

Jason Botchford ‏@botchford

never happens. Burrows is not getting a suspension. Chill and #stayfresh


Blake Price

Blake Price ‏@BlakePriceTSN

No chance of a Burrows suspension.. He hits Gaudreau, fights Russell.. Hardly the spirit of that rule.. Zero chance

9:51 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Randy Sportak

Randy Sportak Verified account ‏@SUNRandySportak

Based on the late instigator to Burrows, Willie Desjardins should be expecting a fine.

9:50 PM - 19 Apr 2015


Elliotte Friedman

Elliotte Friedman Verified account ‏@FriedgeHNIC

Would expect @NHLPlayerSafety to sleep on it tonight and look at everything from this game tomorrow.

9:50 PM - 19 Apr 2015



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From the Canucks side I see 3 possible suspensions:

1/ Burrows - automatic (late instigator)

2/ Hamhuis - obvious (hit to head)

3/ Bieksa - automatic (late instigator)

Two are automatic game suspensions and one is almost assured, so even if the NHL decides to rescind one (to equal up Engelland, which I don't think they'll do) we're still down 2 veterans for game 4.

Problem is, who to bring up? I honestly think Sven would have a target on his back and therefore may not be as useful in Calgary as he would be in Vancouver for GM 5...so Jensen?...MacMillan? And for D we have a logjam of NHL ready D-men (Clendenning, Stanton, Biega, Corrado)...so who gets the call?

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I saw 2 Canucks get boarded this game and nothing....anyone got that video? I'd like to see them compared to the Burrows hit. Burr hit was not that bad and he maned up and answered the bell after. Total BS if he gets suspended.

they had both those hits in the post game montage yet not one mention of them after the game all the talk was suspend every last one of those dirty players on the nucks.

Other team does it and it's a hard hockey play. Nucks do it and it omg omg omg did you see that goon play against that superstar.

Also I could totally see the NHL suspend a couple of our guys if for no other reason than to troll us and for the luls they would get reading CDC after breaking the news..

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