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Hi guys

Apologies in advance for the lengthy post. I've been looking through the message boards on CDC the last few days, and I've noticed that quite a few people are pretty down after losing game 3 in Calgary. I know we were outplayed, but I don't think it was THAT bad. We're down 2-1, but somebody had to be down 2-1 after 3, either that or 3-0. We outplayed them for vast portions of game 1 and heavily outplayed them in game 2, so I'm certainly not ready to lose faith in our Canucks just yet. In case you're down, here are some things you could keep in mind.

In the history of the trophy, virtually no team has won the Stanley Cup that didn't have to win games where, if they had lost, they would have dug a huge hole in the series, or would have been eliminated entirely. Champions always overcome adversity, it's like a rite of passage on your way to a championship. Here are a few examples of teams who had their backs to the wall and overcame it.

1993 Canadiens- Down 2-0 to the Nordiques in round 1 and had to win in overtime in game 3 just to get back in the series. Then in the finals, lost game 1 to LA, and were one minute away from going down 2-0 going back to Hollywood. Canadiens dug deep, won the next 4 games and won their 24th Stanley Cup.

1994 Canucks- Down 3-1 to Calgary in round 1, won 3 games in a row in overtime (if they had made one mistake or given up one goal in any of those overtime periods, the magical '94 run would not exist). Also, when everybody wrote them off after losing game 4 against New York, they stormed back, won the next 2 and were an eyelash from forcing overtime in the seventh game with monumental pressure on the team.

1994 Rangers- Sorry to do this, but this team overcame huge adversity in the CF and the Finals. The Devils had them down 3-2 in the CF, and 2-0 in game 6, with the game in New Jersey. The Rangers clawed back and won, then took game 7 in double OT despite giving up the tying goal with less than 5 seconds left.

2001 Avalanche- Lost game 5 to the Devils in the finals, and had to win 2 in a row to get Ray Bourque his coveted championship. They looked adversity right in the face and got the job done.

2006 Hurricanes- Went down 2-0 to Montreal in round 1, losing both games at home. Won the next four and marched to the franchise's first title.

2011 Bruins- Sorry to do this again, but they won 3 game 7s, and overcame 2-0 and 3-2 series deficits in the finals to win.

2013 Blackhawks- Went down 3-1 to the Red Wings in round 2 and everybody wrote them off, won the next 3 including game 7 in overtime. They then fell behind 2-1 in the finals, won the next 3 and won the Cup for the second time in 3 years.

2014 Kings- Down 3-0 to the Sharks in round 1, 3-2 to the Ducks in round 2, and had to play the Hawks in game 7 of the CF in their building. Won every single game where they faced elimination. Won the Cup.

So you see, adversity isn't something you might face in the playoffs, you will most definitely face it, likely more than once. I have faith in our guys,, nothing they haven't seen before. Go Canucks!

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I apologize if I make it seem like the Canucks are on the verge of elimination with this post, wasn't my intent. Just to show that we're only down 2-1, and so many people are so down, just wanted to show them this to remind them that this series isn't anywhere close to being over. Go Canucks!

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I agree the Canucks have the ability to bounce back. They have shown they can do it during the regular season. Lack will be better, hopefully the Sedins play more, and hopefully the Canucks screen the heck out of Hiller.

My only concern is that the longer the series goes, it benefits the Flames because of their younger players. Canuck vets may run out of steam.

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Believe it or not, some people actually think we are on the verge of elimination.

If they play like they did in Game 3 they are! But, yes, they are down 2-1 after playing one very sub-par game. Hardly facing a 3-0 scenario. Lots left and no reason to doubt just yet.

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I just don't like what I'm seeing from the nucks. Especially not liking what I'm seeing from the flames.

It's ugly hateful hockey. At least the refs are impartial.

I don't like the canucks having to lower themselves by charging and getting misconducts, just to put a team of twenty year olds in their place.

No respect for each other On the ice

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Game 4 is another game. Adjustments will be made. The Canucks have had difficulty with fast, hard forechecking teams like Calgary and Tampa. Breakouts will be better.

The crowd was wired and the young Flames came out like they were shot out of a cannon. This was totally predictable. They will come out hard again but the Canucks now know what it will be like in the Saddledome.

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