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[Question] Can I advertise a blog anyhow?


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I'm working on a school project for IT, and I told my teacher that I would get the most blog views. I've tried getting some people on twitter but nothing seems to be working. Is there a place I could advertise my small blog about the Canucks: www.oyu0.wordpress.com . I really want to impress my teacher and show him I can get a lot of views from Canucks fans like you guys.

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What do you mean by "link it to a blog on here"?

When you start a blog on here, it asks if you want to keep it on-site or link it to an outside blog. I kept SandCassels on-site, so I wouldn't know much about it. But Webster's Complacent Canuck blog has a wordpress website like yours, but I'm not sure if he linked it to here or not. You'd have to message him to see if he did and how, though.

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