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Canucks' historical record in Game 4's, when behind 2-1:


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There have been 12 times in the past when the Canucks trailed a best-of-seven series two games to one:

1) In four of those series, the Canucks won game 4 to tie the series. 75% of the time they subsequently lost the series:

a. Wins: 2010 against LA (in 6)

b. Losses: 1989 against Calgary (in 7); 1993 against LA (in 6); 1996 against Colorado (in 6)

2) In eight of those series, the Canucks lost game 4 to fall behind 3-1. 38% of the time they subsequently won the series:

a. Wins: 1992 against Winnipeg (in 7); 1994 against Calgary (in 7); 2003 against St. Louis (in 7)

b. Losses: 1975 against Montreal (in 5); 1992 against Edmonton (in 6); 1994 against NYR (in 7); 2007 against Anaheim (in 5); 2010 against Chicago (in 6)

Statistically, therefore, it makes sense for the Canucks to lose tonight.

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Ah, simplistic stats with wildly varying time differences to decide if we should win or lose and how it better decides the outcome of the series. I get that it's fun to look at, but even if one end is trending higher than the other, the law of averages would suggest the opposite might be true.

The only way to approach it is to win.

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Guest Dasein

Calgary lost a bunch of series in a row after going up 2-1 leading up to this one, so we should statistically lose game 4 but win the series

But we all know your stat and my stat are both bogus and has no impact whatsoever on tonight's game because these are two different teams who were never around for that "history"

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It doesn't matter. Whoever wins this series is going to get bounced by the Jets/Ducks anyways.

This is a team with one first line, two third lines, and a fourth line.

With the inconsistency and inferiority in comparison to many other teams in these playoffs, the Canucks are only fighting for a lower pick in the draft.

Am I wrong?

As everyone is saying, WHO KNOWS? right?

There is excitement and hope for now, but if the Canucks end up losing this series, everyone will once again hop off the bandwagon and cry and complain, even though it was expected that the Canucks aren't top contenders and are basically equals (as it's showing in these series) with another team that just came off a rebuild.

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