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Phil-Van (Proposal)

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Brayden Schenn and 2015 1st for Bonino, Hamhuis Hold (2 million) and 2015 1st

Schenn is 22 yrs old.....scored 47 points

Phili 1st = 7th OA

Basically, this trade work because Phili should be a win now mode and isn't, Holmgren Hextall is going to want to change things up and get back in the playoffs. Bonino is a little bit cheaper than Schenn and they are stacked up front......Bonino isn't that much of a downgrade and Hamhuis would look good in the east.

We might have to throw Subban and Jensen in too even it up. We give up a lot! I would give more! to get that 1st

Any idea's

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I think Hamhuis is on a good enough contract that we shouldn't need to retain cap in the deal. Philly has expressed interest in Hamhuis before, so they might still want him. That said, Schenn AND a 1st is too much. Either one with something else may be plausible though.

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I am just saying that moving Hamhuis to Phili in my proposal just moves one player out, it doesn't mean we couldn't sign Franson at discount and be in about the same position with a much better pick, one that I would pick the best Dman available

Having Hank, Schenn (22), Horvat(20) McCann(19) Cassels (20) Gaunce (21) would look pretty blasted good! Add a veteran Center in the interim and adding a very good PMD prospect and wa la.....presto......go to work on another area of concern!

Like I said, I want both Schenn and the 1st..............get er done Benning!

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