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Former Vancouver Giant and Bruins star Milan Lucic confirms his father has died

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This is when we put aside our hate and we're all human. Welcome home, sorry to hear the news pal.

'Suddenly' ... usually means an illness which means son didn't get to say goodbye to father properly.

I hope you're just talking for yourself when you say put aside the hate and are not assuming all Canucks fans must hate Lucic. I dont hate Lucic. Why would I? Its just a game. People who have the energy to hate athletes over games should maybe redirect that energy somewhere else.

Also, "suddenly" does not usually mean someone is ill. It usually means unexpectedly. Like a heart attack or fatal accident of some kind.

Anyways, losing a father at 26 is pretty sad. T's and P's to the Lucic family.

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Thoughts and prayers with the Lucic family :sadno:

I'm not sure if anyone else saw this thread a few days ago. Not sure if there's any connection but this reminded me of it.

I don't think it is fair to speculate until there is more information.

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The guy has definitely had his issues with Vancouver and all that, but I'd like to think in a time like this the city mourns with him.

RIP, I'm sure he died being proud of his boy.

You mean Vancouver has had its issues with Lucic. From what I can glean he has no problem with his hometown. Heartfelt condolences to him and his family.

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