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What is the deal with Luca Sbisa? The guy gives the puck away more then anyone I have ever seen and benning gives him 3.5 million deal without even waiting till the offseason. The Dorsett one I can agree with but just a little bit to much money however he brings toughness and grit to this team and I really like Dorsett. At points in this season I was just confused as to why this guy isn't on our farm team. He literally has no clue what a breakout pass is and is honestly on the ice for like every goal the opponents score. I'm happy what benning has done in his first year and it looks like this team will have a positive future. However the Sbisa signing was just a head scratcher. I'm not trying to play GM mode lol and be that guy but I was just wondering what your opinions are CDC. I hope this guy can work on his game during the offseason and improve.

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Whine whine whine whine, we're winning stop whining

Just because we are winning doesn't mean we can't find faults with the team. Sbisa gives me a migrane with his presence alone. Watching him play has aged me, significantly. He has questionable hockey IQ with the decisions he makes.
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