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Air Canada Hacks?

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I think hacking into the entertainment system on an in flight aircraft is a splendid idea. The SWAT Team that will meet you on landing will agree.

Pretty much this. You will have fun explaining to the police how and why you broke into the electronic system on the aircraft. And yes the inflight entertainment system is hooked into the electrical busbar on the aircraft. Have fun in the pokey.

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planes are not on that level of auto-pilot...

what happens is that the FMC (Boeing/Bombardier)/FMGC (Airbus/Embraer) (Flight Management Computer) has a very straight-foward interface...

on a plane you can send information using text message to your Airline HQ and to the ATC via satelite (Datalink) telling your current position and next position informing essencial datas such as speed, altitude and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

this information is usefull to the Airline so the can coordinate the flights and to the ATC so they can arrange the plane on the line with the other planes. this is good on long flights where the traditional radio communication becomes weak...

the Airline/ATC can send information to the plane telling usefull infromations such as bad weather, airport related problems (accidents) and other stuff. in 9/11 this happened and many airplanes could retun to their departure airports due to this system. the Airline/ATC sent informations to the airplane telling the USA airspace was closed.

the airplane didn´t have radio range in the middle of the ocean but due to the "data-link" usefull informations can be sent to/from the airplane...

hackers can´t fly the airplane because the FMC/FGMC only allows information and not inputs. the airline/ATC might tell to the pilots "YVR VOR out of service, don´t flight to them. fly to Booth position instead"

but the Pilots might decide fly to the YVR VOR or not. the "Data-link" doesn´t allow an external system take over the plane. and it will never allow since it will transform planes in gigantic drones...

and I´m pretty sure passengers will not rely their lifes on a drone. a war drone is one thing. a drone with passengers inside and no pilots is a complete diferent thing...

ignore the "FOX News" style. things aren´t that scary...

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