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[Discussion] #BringBackTheHoff

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He's not close to what he used to be. He's had concussion issues and was on pace for 23 points in a full 82 games last year. Had 33 points the previous year. He's also turning 33 in the summer. People expecting him to save this team are just reminiscing 2011 and forgetting that 4 years have passed and players have changed.

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Or how about something radical like trade for a young, fast, talented d-man who's just about ready to make the jump to the NHL?

Why do we always look to the past for answers?

Get a UFA for virtually nothing, whom we can trade for assets. Or give up a ton of assets for a prospect. hmmm. Would rather get Hoff and draft our own Dman.

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- Been in Vancouver before

- Good Chemistry with Edler and Sedins that you won't find elsewhere (Sedins & Edler will not be moved for the next 2 yrs anyways)

- The major reason why our powerplay was ranked No. 1

- UFA, doesn't cost you picks or Assets. Just Money.

- In worse situation, you can just trade him away for picks again.

- Can rush/carry the puck over the blueline that usually generate offense

- Crazy snap shot that beats goalie unexpectedly (watch the replays)

- Mentor defenseman for the powerplay (aka Edler, Sbisa)


- Concussion issue? Injury serious or not?

- Could be a turnover machine at times.

- How much will he be asking for? If over 3.5 or 4.0 Mill. Then NO.

- He will not be signed for long term. 2 yr MAX.

The Nucks will need this guy for his puck-moving skill and snap shot on the powerplay. Even if Edler tried, he can't replicate what Ehrhoff did on a consistant basis.

If there is someone that understands the Sedin's play, it will BE THIS GUY. This missing guy that can complete their powerplay. Not Edler, not Bieksa, not some other random dude. BUT THIS GUY.


Let's be honest, there is no one on the team/in the system that can repeat what this guy can do for the next coming 2 yrs at least.

Sedins & Edler will not be moved anyways. Might as well perfect the powerplay by inserting this guy.

And for young studs D-man like Seabrook/Green/Franson, they are NOT going to come cheap. Will probably demand 6.0 to 7.0 mill. This guy MIGHT come at a reasonable pricing.

Buffalo & Pittsburgh doesn't even know how to use this guy wisely. But we DO.

So if he is still health, can play, and want to come to Vancouver. I am 100% in on taking a gamble with this guy.

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