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Riots Reported In Baltimore After The Funeral Of Freddie Gray


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Here's the beginning of the article:

Protests in the wake of Monday's funeral for Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who died in police custody, turned violent with widespread looting and protesters hurling stones at police and setting vehicles and buildings on fire.

Crowds confronted cops throughout the afternoon, damaging several storefronts and snarling traffic.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency around 7 p.m.

Live internet coverage: helicopter view.


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This is what happens when you ignore the issues of your own people for so long while meddling in international affairs.

I don't think the issues were ignored. If anything, the issues were exacerbated by the powers that be. The black family unit has been decimated since the late 70s, entirely due to the introduction of cocaine in inner cities and the subsequent war on drugs that today sees a third of black males being jailed within their life time. I know I risk sounding like a conspiracy tard, but I am convinced it was by design.

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