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Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040


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I didn't hear the whole interview but this is what I caught:


-Had a real good year

-His development went really well

-Wasn't used on the PP because we didn't have the luxury of testing out new players on the PP because almost every game was a must-win. Willie didn't think it was fair to put Horvat there in the final games of the season and put extra pressure on him

Sedin line:

-Burrows was the best fit with the Sedins

-Wouldn't answer why Vrbata didn't play with Sedins in the playoffs --> he said "some stuff stays in the room"

-Hansen adds speed and grit


-Thought Vancouver deserved to win game 1 (the one with the late goal by Calgary)

-Thought we came back to play for the next 5 games but Calgary deserves credit for being the better team

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flew right by your head

I'm so confused right now but anyways,

Said that the reason Hansen was with the Sedins is "some things stay in the room"

Believes Horvat is the exception to having young players on the Team

Says that what Horvat did was "special" and that young players shouldn't be compared to Horvat

and i see someone beat me to it so i'll stop now

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So what is the master plan the management has in store?

Just listened to the press conference with WD, TL, and JB. Was kind of disappointed.

One piece of news was that Benning plans to re-sign Weber. That was in response to a question about needed a more dynamic presence on the back end. After seeing Weber get pushed around in the playoffs (and seeing his offense dry up) I was amazed by that response. And if Sbisa is worth $3.6 million who knows how much Weber is worth.

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