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[Report] Kevin Bieksa wants to stay in Vancouver

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hamhuis and weber miller, markstrom mattias, higgins, hansen, , ericksson and richardson all can be traded for picks and prospects frees up 20 mill in cap space

id keep bieska on third pairing with stanton

target cody franson in free agency plus use draft picks to find a few more dmen gems like forsling

sign oconnor and a fourth line c who wins faceoffs

resign clendenning, kenins, corrado, stanton,

draft pilon and rasmus andersson

sedin sedin vrbata

baerchi bonino kassian

burrows horvat virtanen

dorsett. 4th c kenins


edler tanev

sbisa franson

stanton bieska

corrado clendenning



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Move Hamhuis Stanton opens up two spots

Hamhuis refuses to waive , heathy sratch and I would give it two games before he changed his mind. He was man handled by Bennett he scored less than biega ....ouch.

Bieska when heathy still brings a bit of a physical edge , Hamhuis brings the give away machine.

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If you dont think Bieksa gives the puck away, you are out to lunch. He was one of the worst dmen for the first half of the year and even after that consistantly made stupid plays in his own zone while providing 0 offense.

Hamhuis on his worst day is still a more reliable dman

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I didn't board the ship Bieksa out bus last time and I'm not about to now.


Then you don't want this team to improve, he is one of the few folks that will be attractive to other teams and will give us a pick and prospect return.

Not on board good for you go down with the ship....real admirable. :picard:

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Every young red-blooded hockey player and Canuck fan should look up to Kevin Bieksa as a Stud, a Leader, a Big Brother. frackin love KB, thats our boy

I don't dispute Kevin Bieksa is an outstanding person, but this IS a results driven business and for me he just hasn't delivered the past two seasons.

It was fair of JB to not trade him last off season as pretty much everyone were horrible last season, but this season after pretty much more of the same, it's time.

For what he brings, relative to his cap hit, I just believe there are more effective options that JB can go through either via trade or UFA to achieve the results we need.

Bieksa was at his best when he was a physical defenceman, standing up for teammates and scoring 30 points a season. This year, his hits were down, I don't recall a single fight this year for him, and his point production is way, way down.

Even his intangibles, such as leadership just come across as delusional arrogance, and it's tiring. Especially when he started spouting off about Ferland, labeling him "irrelevant" when it was so obvious that he was in Bieksa's head.

I say ship him off to Toronto to help mentor the young kids during their rebuild, it's close to home for him and he can play out remainder of his career there.

He turned out well for a 5th round draft pick, there's no denying that, but he's a shadow of his former self and this team cannot afford to carry any dead weight, and certainly can't afford to appease a players ego.

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The biggest loyalty that management and fans should be the Canucks org. IMHO any player is tradable and any coach or GM subject to firing. Bottom line is that all these people are very well paid to do what they do.

The challenge the org has is if they trade a player that what they get in return has a net + to the org. 'No trade Clauses' that are brought up as a discussion killer to movement is comical. NTC's or NMC's, a mechanism that gives a player some input to where they are moved to. They preclude movement only if management chooses to not penalize a player by restricting their TOI or by buying the player out.

IMO Benning's view of where the Canucks stand against their competition dictates his future moves. Can a serious CUP contender still be built around the Twin's? Although they had a great season I suspect not. If that is the case then a number of veterans and UFA's will be open to movement.

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I can't believe how many people on here want to trade away the heart and soul of this team. It's rather disgusting if you ask me.

Juice has one more year on his contract let him stick around to mentor the young guys.

All of you jumping all over him and praising edler like he's some kind of god need to look at both players defense partners. Edler got Tanev whose just awesome, who is calm and collected and seldom makes a mistake. This allows Edler to play more aggressive and he got better because of it..

In return.... Bieksa got to play with sbasia.....enough said.

If we are going trade away any of the core d I think Hammer probably would net us a bigger return anyways. I love Hammer and all and would be sad to see him go but in the exit interview he sounded like he was more likely to move on.

Juice wants to be a canuck so let him stay one. Let him mentor the young guys and re-sign him for less (if he really wants to be here and be competitive he should take a discount.

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Producing or not, Naslund was still driven out of town by the very same fanbase. I wanted Nazzy to stay and was sad and disappointed that he left. But it was obvious people here didn't want him despite his offensive production. And half the fanbase wanted Luongo gone. That it was time to turn a new chapter and that the longer he stayed in Vancouver, the worse it got. I'm not sure if you were around in the forums that time but it was very bad. People wanted Luongo gone. People wanted Naslund gone. And now people want Bieksa gone. Productivity isn't the reason why the fans drove them out.

stop confusing a message board with the entire Canucks fan base alright

the people that actually drive players away are a very small minority

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Benning won't trade Sbisa.

He also said he'll keep Weber.

Clendening has to make the team next year or be traded.

Bieksa will play significant minutes if he stays on the team, definitely not as our 7th D-man.


Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Weber

Sbisa - Bieksa

(Stanton), Clendening

Same thing as last season. No improvement from our mediocre defensive play.

:picard: Dear lord if that's the defense for next year...

For either guy on that bottom pairing to work this team is going to need to add a dynamic skater to be their partner, since neither of them can really skate the puck out of trouble very well. Both are lumbering, slow defenders who can be solid in their own end, but put them together and... well, we saw how they did together. I hope they put Pizza Man with Karate Kid on the bottom pair and (if they REALLY don't intend to trade Juice) try him for a bit with Hammer. If they don't pan out and we lose Weber... it might be a long season.


Hamhuis and Bieksa make the most sense as the next pairing. Both have struggled at times this season, but those struggles can at least partly be pinned on having to carry lesser defence partners.

What catches my attention are the two pairings featuring Frank Corrado. Both are well to the right of the line. His pairing with Hamhuis is incredibly low-event, not creating many shot attempts, but giving up even fewer. The one that’s really astonishing, however, is his pairing with Sbisa, which is easily the best on this graph, giving up the second fewest shot attempts while creating the second most.


Judging strictly from this chart and dismissing concerns of small sample sizes, the ideal defence pairings would be Edler and Tanev, Hamhuis and Weber, and Sbisa and Corrado. Bieksa is unlikely to sit, however, and Corrado’s limited playing time so far this season suggests he hasn’t yet earned Willie Desjardins’ trust. With that in mind, along with some wariness of small sample sizes, this is what we should hope to see for the rest of the season, in my opinion:

Edler – Tanev

Hamhuis – Bieksa

Stanton – Weber

Is this likely to happen? Will Desjardins make Sbisa a healthy scratch after relying on him so much with Edler, Tanev, and Bieksa out? Perhaps not, but he absolutely should.

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The plan may be to get Pedan up sometime during the season and have Bieksa to mentor him into the lineup. Dropping both him and Hamhuis is probably not the best idea.as our most-ready D-prospects are only borderline at this point, unless Clendening, Corrado, and Hutton show very well at camp.

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Do you think Benning asked the wrong Dman to waive his trade clause last year?

Or was it that Garrison in a new environment just did better.

Garrison was/is a poor man's Edler and had a redundant skill set on our team.

We kept the better player (Edler) and cap dumped the lesser to allow us the space to sign Vrbata who netted 31G and helped us get in the playoffs.

Garrison, (still a good player) has found success (as he should) on offensively deeper team in a more wide open conference.

Garrison staying here does not reach the point totals he did in Tampa with more offensive players in a more open conference and with more complimentary partners/usage.

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Call me crazy but I'm sort of thinking trade hammer....He is a better defender for sure but let's face it...he has hands of stone and he looked decidedly slow this year. Plus he has value on the open market. KB was the only one on our team to stand up to ferland...you want that gone? (aside from the fact that hes born and raised a canuck and will never leave)

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Call me crazy but I'm sort of thinking trade hammer....He is a better defender for sure but let's face it...he has hands of stone and he looked decidedly slow this year. Plus he has value on the open market. KB was the only one on our team to stand up to ferland...you want that gone? (aside from the fact that hes born and raised a canuck and will never leave)

The reasons we'd trade Hamhuis are:

-Tanev is slowly taking over his role making him somewhat redundant...particularly as he ages.

-He'd have more value in trade.

-We have more prospect depth on the left side.

-There are far more left side D available via UFA/trade than righties and hence is more easily replaced.

That said, our right side is a mess. It is some mix of small, slow and lacking in offense.

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