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Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home


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This is so cool.
Tesla unveils a battery to power your home, completely off grid
May 1, 2015
CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, landed an official message unveiling the Powerwall, a battery designed to power your home. The message came at a convention center powered completely by renewable battery power.
The battery unit itself contains the same batteries present in the Tesla electric cars. The 7kWh unit will ship for $3,000, while the 10kWh unit will go for $3,500 (get the big one). They will store electricity from the grid or from solar and wind generators on site and if the grid goes down, they will continue to power your home indefinitely This feature makes them ideal for developing nations that are leap-frogging power grids completely.
Musk refers to it as changing the "entire energy infrastructure of the world."
The batteries will begin shipping over the summer of 2015 and mount on the wall, looking like this
Here is a clip from the initial release
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Very cool.

Tesla should make a battery large enough that will allow you to take advantage of the Standing Offer Program offered by BC Hydro to sell unused power back to the grid.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of power cells that gets charged through renewable sources feeding unused energy into the grid.

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