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Looking for specific remix of Lean On (Major Lazer)

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Hey guys,

Heard a remix of Lean on by Major Lazer on a party bus but I can't seem to find it anywhere. The most distinct aspect of this remix (to which I'm addicted to) is the use of some form of synthcord that sounds like an extended/reworked portion at the 2:23 segment of the original song

This particular remix also ends with that melody instead of lyrics. It was not a dubstep remix though...

I know this is super long shot but never hurts to try!

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that's not house. sounds like deep sounds to me and i cant say im a fan

Its future house to be exact. Deep house is generally slower paced and less upbeat.

There are a lot of sub-genres to house.

Tech house, Future House, Melodic House, Tropical House, Deep House, Bass house, and the list goes on.

Phone the party bus company. A lot of local djs have remixed this song. They may have had someone local mix it.

Amen, not entirely party bus' for me; however, whenever I can I always try to get the DJ's soundcloud or playlist somehow if he's available.

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