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What direction should the Canucks go? (Discussion)


What direction should the Canucks go?  

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With all the discussion about how the Canucks should proceed into the future, I wonder how CDC really feels, so I thought I would create a poll, and see where the chips fly.

Personally, I am mixed, and wonder which direction they should take, there are certainly choices.

We have seen teams trade major stars to accelerate the rebuild before(Buffalo), and we have seen teams rebuild slowly through the draft (Montreal), the jury is out on the Buffalo plan, but it takes time and good scouting, and a certain amount of luck to do it like Montreal.

Another plan that I have not seen discussed is a highbred, where current players are traded along with current prospects to up grade positions, this would keep us strong, but would be a budget nightmare, as higher end talent costs more in contracts, where as a combination of Older vets, mid-aged players, and rookies, blend contracts, which keeps the Teams cap under control..

In the end, I lean more towards a rebuild, but admittedly, I waver on it.......what is you choice?

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Stay North of the border. Establish the WHA pt2, & make it a Cdn league.

Completely tired of the NHL US-run biz model.

Back in the 80's the drug(NHL hockey) was so pure; & Zeigler too dumb to practise absolute corruption.

Bettman is to pro hockey, what Hitler was to world politics.

Love the game; hate this league.

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Sedins need to be dropped to the 2nd line. We need another number one Centre or at least a solid number 2.

Would be nice to have a young stud top line like Calgary with lots of wheels and skill.

I say Shinkaruk makes the team next season for sure. Who cares about his AHL stats. The kid brings it every pre season and at least deserves his 9 games. Sedins will start the season as number one line but throughout the year the young studs would slot in. Ideally anyway.

Something like...

1a sedin sedin burrows/vrbata/kassian

1b Shinkaruk UFA Virtanen/vrbata/kassian

3 Kenins Horvat Hansen

4 Dorsett Richardson whoever

I know that's as vague as it gets but changes have to happen. No one knows what our team will look like next year. Change has to come though. it will be 5 years next season since we last won a playoff round..

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I say stay the course for one more year. Some guys who were invisible like Higgins last year can be moved. Keep the Sedins to help mentor the young guys about the ins and outs of playing in the league. Sign a free agent or two like Ehrhoff, perhaps he can recreate his magic he had years ago with Edler. If we can't get it done with him back on our pp and the vets of yesteryear then maybe the window is closed for good. And lastly Start to infuse more youth into the lineup, take it slow.

Either way we can only sit back and watch B)

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Benning will say that winning, making the playoffs is the goal, but then make some so-so moves that will continue the slow process of rebuilding.

What they should do instead is accelerate the process to take advantage of the 2015 and 2016 drafts. So far no go.

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I don't support the decision to be mediocre over taking advantage of last years and this years extremely strong drafts. The seats are empty for a reason, everyone's tired of this core no showing when it counts and I hate to break it to everyone but our current prospect pool scares absolutely nobody. 3 playoffs in a row with no scoring and no depth. Add a full season last year with no scoring or playoffs.

Only 2 of the last 10 Cup winners didn't have multiple top 10 picks on it, the boston model is the exception it should not be the rule. I continue to support most of the players when the season starts, but I have a real disliking for our ownership. When playoff revenue is the be all end all it's time to worry.

This piece should have been blown up before the draft last year.

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I still wonder when the day will dawn when we split the sedins and put bigger tougher skilled line-mates with them. a mix of Kassian-Vrbata types.. trade what we must to get them, period. Outside of shinkaruk because of being bure-esque (well not quite yet) but potential to come close.

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Rome was not build in one day...............................

could fall easily in one day though! ie: Gillis and Tortz

we can speculate, we can yak yak yak

in the end it will be trev and JB that make the decisions

should be fun to watch for a true fan

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I say we hold on to the Sedins for now. They're still 1st liners and as long as we don't have anyone to replace them, they're staying as Canucks. No one in this organization will be capable of scoring 70-90 points in a season any time soon, so the twins are staying and probably going to retire as Canucks on our 3rd or 4th line in a few seasons time.

Watching the playoffs go on right now, it's clear we need a few things:

1) A number 1 goaltender who can steal games and keep the team in it. We've got Miller who, when healthy, has been pretty good, and Eddie Lack who is still inexperienced in the playoffs but with the right grooming, I believe he can be that guy.

2) A star first line that can score big goals. Watching Tampa, Chicago and Anaheim blow games open with their top lines is envious and the Sedins weren't really doing the same with Hansen on their wing. I'm not sure the reasoning behind slotting Vbrata at the 2nd line wing position (must have been something internal) but we had our chance at a star 1st line and WD blew it. Nevertheless I believe we still have the tools and are close.

3) Depth scoring. This is the one part we excel in, and we'll have good depth up front for many years to come with so many young kids coming into the lineup, playing a handful of minutes and hopefully producing with their time. Not worried about this one bit.

4) A star #1 defenceman who can log big minutes. Most teams have a star top pairing, and those that do go deep in the playoffs. It's simple. Edler-Tanev are good, but compared to the rest of the league they're not that good. We need to work on this somehow, either by getting a star to play with Edler, drafting or signing a star UFA.

5) A puck moving defenceman paired with a shutdown defenceman. This is another big problem, and IMO the biggest problem we need to fix. Look around the league - playoff-winning teams have one PMD with one shutdown defenceman to be well rounded on each pairing.

Look at Calgary without Giordano - they lose their star and their defence is getting shredded by Anaheim every single shift. They have too much "puck-moving ability" and it's leading to odd-man rushes against, and will be the big reason they lose the series.

Then look at Anaheim. The perfect mix of young, quick, agile puck movers with solid, veteran shutdown defencemen. THIS is the sort of defence that we need to copy. They have Lindholm, Vatanen and Fowler all playing superb, quick offensive-minded defence with their partners Beauchemin, Stoner and whoever else they can muster (not yet Wisniewski, he'd throw this balance off) playing the shutdown role.

Mark my words, if the Canucks can copy this style of defence, they'll have success. Right now we're far too one-dimensional. Too many shutdown defencemen, not enough puck movers. That leads to us getting stuck in our own zone and our defence not producing points. When our defence doesn't join into the attack we get far too one-dimensional up ront as well and our forwards can't score either.

Edler (DD) - Tanev (DD)

Hamhuis (DD) - Weber (OD)

Sbisa (DD) - Bieksa (DD)

Look at that. One true puck moving, quick, small guy. Sure Edler's a bit of both, but his offence and skating is definately not on par with the likes of the Anahiem kids on the blueline, which is what we need more of.

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Benning is all about drafting and developing because he wants a team like Detroit who is a perennial favorite.

Drafting is one thing but there is a lot of chance involved because players are only 17 when drafted.

This puts a premium on development.

Benning wants to develop players in a winning environment. He knows more about hockey than I do so I defer to him. He has built a team in Utica that is winning and he has built a team in Vancouver that is winning. Yes, making the playoffs means that a team is on the high side of half way in the league. In other words, a winning team.

I think that the playoff run and 1 round did wonders for Horvat's development.

So, when younger guys are ready to play with the big boys, room will be made. I've heard that more that twice from Benning.

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Bieksa should of been an option and Kassian is a young developing guy still don't think he should be considered there. Edler, Higgins, Burrows, and Bieksa would be the guys I would trade we need younger bigger guys and the ability to put the puck in the net as Scoring has been a week point in the lineup.

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