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(4th Pick) CDC's 2015 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

CDC Draft Rankings  

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We're back for the 2nd annual CDC Draft Rankings!

As per normal, the vote will be specific to the team drafting in that slot, you will have 10 players to choose from in the vote (starting with the top 10 players ranked in the ISS Top 30 draft eligible players) . Make your choice not only by skill, but by team needs as well. Every couple of days I will create a new thread with the results of the vote, and a new vote for the next team. I will also post information about the next 5 players in the ISS top 30. Below the team's logo, you can click to see their current prospects over at Hockey's Future to have more organizational insight. Enjoy and make sure to come back for each vote!

(Remember that you're voting for what team will pick who in their position. Not just what team should draft what player.)

Congratulations to Dylan Strome for being selected 3rd overall by the Arizona Coyotes!

Who will the Toronto Maple Leafs draft 4th overall?


Current Maple Leafs Prospects

According to the ISS Rankings, these are the next top 5 draft eligible players.


Hanifin is a shade under 6-foot-3 and weighs 205 pounds. The scouting report says he has world-class wheels, elite offensive skills, can run a power play and use his size effectively to play physically when it's required. He's not quite as big as Nashville Predator Seth Jones, the last prospect, before Hanifin, who went into his NHL draft year billed as the next great American defenceman. Some scouts like Hanifin better than Jones at the same stage of development. Others think the jury is still out on that. Regardless, Hanifin is certainly viewed as being in the same universe as the top defenceman from the 2013 NHL draft, who was ranked No. 1 much of his draft year before going fourth overall to Nashville. Source


A big-bodied power winger with the ability to physically dominate, making him a prominent forechecking presence every night. Possesses good hands that can be used to make crisp passes or to let loose accurate, NHL-level shots; paired with his strength and skating ability, his skill set allows him to contribute offensively, as well as create space for teammates. Source


A dynamic offensive forward that backchecks hard and establishes his presence through playing smart, puck-possession hockey. A very quick skater gifted with great hands and hockey sense. Battles hard in all three zones and shows a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the puck to the back of the net; an unselfish player. Embodies the definition of a dynamic number-generating machine who makes the players around him better. Source


An exceptionally talented playmaker and always a consistent threat on the ice; Rantanen is a combination of elite-level hockey sense, silky smooth hands, and nimble skating. Needs to improve his shot and physical play, as he doesn't take advantage of his size in many situations. All-in-all, an intelligent, big-bodied forward that oozes skill. Source


Matthew Barzal is an offensive forward with very good skating abilities. Has tremendous puck-handling and is poised with the puck, while looking for the perfect pass-option using his strong vision. Owns an excellent wrist shot with a remarkable release. Barzal reads the plays well, looking for interceptions and is not afraid to block shots, playing a reliable two-way game. A complete player with strong hockey sense. Source

Draft Order

1. Edmonton - Connor McDavid

2. Buffalo - Jack Eichel

3. Arizona - Dylan Strome

4. Toronto -

5. Carolina -

6. New Jersey -

7. Philadelphia -

8. Columbus -

9. San Jose -

10. Colorado -

11. Florida -

12. Dallas -

13. Los Angeles -

14. Boston -

















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They should take Hanifin (if Strome isn't available to them). They really need a #1 Center as well, though. Hanifin is the right pick; but if they go center, they may trade down to get Barzal.

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They should take Hanifin (if Strome isn't available to them). They really need a #1 Center as well, though. Hanifin is the right pick; but if they go center, they may trade down to get Barzal.

I watched barzal play against the rockets and I wasn't terribly impressed

Hanifan or Crouse........I loved Crouses WCHC tourney, he'd be a good addition to the Leafs

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They should draft Hanifin as they essentially need help at every position and he is the best player available.

That is why I voted for Marner, they are after all the Leafs. Don Cherry will be happy, good Ontario boy, I wonder if Don feels the same way about Kadri.

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