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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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Virt is generally more active but the same could be said for a lot of people lately. Not sure if we should put too much weight into that.

I agree with Aladeen about GFY.

My vote is on Toews but its only a default vote for now. Hopefully we get more active before nightfall.

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Lol. I don't think I'm playing any different then I was last game. I've made my input and I'm fine with getting lynched given the scenario but I have simply been messing around voting Aladeen to see what reaction I could get out of him as he's someone who does react fairly agressive when pushed into a corner.

And if you know how I play, you know I usually become more helpful as the TP numbers fade because others typically already have pointed out what I like to say and are already leading the TP in so-and-so direction.

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Thanks to Aladeens review about me and belugas statement, Im probably getting MK'd

Adding on to that, my three picks as mafia are....

Virtanen- Hes been so inactive, its not like he has anything important to do

Aladeen- That review list was very detailed, its almost as if hes been stepping up his game at the right time

Toews- In doing a RNG test from 1-13 the number 6 was drawed most often(RNG is not actually 100% random) Toews has the number 6 in this game. Coincidence?(Also Mikeys #1 was drawn 2nd most often :o )

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I think everyone should be posting their top suspicions with reasons so we can get some discussion going (obviously a couple have already, but if everyone could, that would be great). In the unlikely scenario that Virt isn't mafia, I'll be typing up a big post a la Aladeen's tomorrow. Just no time whatsoever today, unfortunately.

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