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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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Unless you really wanted to lead a lynch against me, I would agree with GFY that it probably wasn't necessary to come out at this point.

Either way the pool of potential Mafiosos is less than I thought so we're still in good shape.

My mafia list (in order of suspicion) would look like this:





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Toews and whoever else is lynch, Toews is mafia, TP WIN! Ugh - honestly mafia - you guys just never cared in the first place... no fight what so ever... still, all props to Zfetch and TL, scary good duo to carry the TP win

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Good job Town.

Thanks for hosting, Dral.

Credit to Zfetch for investigating g_bassi and PMing me.

Credit to Mikeyboy for doing what most investigated mafia do... except he wasn't investigated.

I guess the TP faction has woken up?

so what Toew's story for real tho? Did Zfetch actually contact u first round?

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Good game.

How stuff went down for the TP side:
• I investigated Bassi because he was so off-topic, and his effort level was just too over the top for him to be TP
• Once he came up mafia, I didn't want to risk dying when I had a hit, so I contacted who I thought would be most-likely to be TP, the person I normally tend to have a decent read on, TL.
• TL brought up the strategy to pretend Mikey was investigated.
• I didn't think it would work, but boy did TL's plan pay off.
• Intoews was my 3rd investigation choice for Rd2 and my 1st investigation choice for Rd3.(I allowed Dr to pick the investigation, I thought i was paranoid)

And that's the story of how I met your mother.

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Who was it thast used to host way back in the day and would GK peoeple if they didn't contribute in the thread... then after a while, that was deemed harsh, so the rule of missing 2 votes was implemented? I want them to host the next game

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